Fur Mama Adventures: Homemade Dog Treats

Fur Mama Adventures: Homemade Dog Treats- The Palmetto Peaches

Photo Credit: Rachel Neal

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile you’ve probably seen a mention or two about my fur baby, Sgt. Pepper. The end of September marked a full year this little character has been in my life. Prior to becoming Sgt. Pepper’s furever mama, I was of the Ron Swanson persuasion that little dogs are kinda pointless.

Fur Mama Adventures: Homemade Dog Treats - The Palmetto Peaches

I’ve obviously changed my tune and can’t imagine life without my favorite little guy. No matter what type of day I’ve had, he’s always so happy to see me when I walk in the door. He’s the best form of entertainment. He constantly keeps me smiling and laughing. And yes, I’m the crazy fur mama that sends Snapchats of him chasing his tail or doing some of the very weird things he does as he pounces on his treats.

When Ace and I first started the blog, I said I would write some specific fur mama posts and did not follow through with that at all. Although, I think he did make an appearance in my May beauty unboxing video.  So in my first fur mama adventures blog, I’m going to share one of my favorite recipes for simple homemade dog treats.

 Homemade Dog Treats – Ingredients

  • 2 cups rolled oats — you can also use 100% organic whole wheat flour, wheat germ, or some combination of these). If your pooch is sensitive to grains you can try chickpea flour or buckwheat. I’ve also seen other fur parents use coconut flour.
  • ~8 oz of baby food — Some of my favorites to use are banana, blueberry, chicken, and sweet potato.
    • Please remember to make sure there are no toxic items included in the ingredients or anything your fur baby is allergic to.
  • Optional – Cookie Cutters

For this batch – I used these 2.5 oz containers of Gerber baby food I purchased from Big Lots for $0.30 (two come in each package). I picked up five packages so Sgt. Pepper is getting treats for daysssss. My plan was to use three containers (as shown in the picture below), but I used two containers and thickened the “dough” with about two and half tablespoons of peanut butter.


Homemade Dog Treats using baby food and rolled oats - The Palmetto Peaches

  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Mix ingredients together to form a stiff dough. You may need to add water or more oats/flour.
  3. I  pressed out the “dough” on a flexible cutting mat. If you don’t have one I would use a slightly floured surface. Use cookie cutters to cut into desired shape or a knife pizza cutter to make cubes. 2 cups of oats should give you 30-35 treats depending on the size you cut them.
  4. Place the cut treats on a cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes.
  5. Allow to cool completely before giving you fur baby a simple yummy homemade treat.

In case you needed proof – Sgt. Pepper completely approved. He was sniffing around the kitchen as I was mixing up these homemade dog treats and devoured one as soon as they cooled down. I thought he was going to take my finger off grabbing it.   P.S. How photogenic is this guy?

Homemade Dog Treats - Sgt. Pepper Approved - The Palmetto Peaches


Do you have any recipes for homemade dog treats? I’d love to hear what your fur baby loves in the comments below.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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