The Palmetto Peaches’ 25 Days of Christmas

The Palmetto Peaches' 25 Days of Christmas - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comThe day after Thanksgiving four or five people on my Facebook news feed shared the 2014 ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas lineup. I went searching for this year’s lineup and couldn’t find it and then as I was decorating my planner I had an a-ha moment. Why don’t I just make my own?

There’s a mix of corny holiday romantic comedy TV movies mixed with classics.  Now as much as I love the claymation classics, they didn’t make this particular list (because they must be watched every year regardless). I’ve checked off everything I’ve watched so far (this month), and my thoughts on those.

The Palmetto Peaches’ 25 Days of Christmas

Love Actually

Believe it or not until last week I had never seen Love Actually.  To be clear – I love all things Hugh Grant and I’m a huge Walking Dead fan (hello baby Andrew Lincoln) so those two should have been enough motivation for me to watch the movie years ago. I obviously loved every sappy minute of it. Although, it was hard for me not picture Liam Neeson looking for his kidnapped daughter.  I also now understand why people hated Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve so much. They don’t hold a candle to Love Actually.

Love Actually - The Palmetto Peaches' 25 Days of Christmas Bingewatch edition

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

One of my missions in life is to booby trap a house like Kevin and my list wouldn’t be complete without the a little Home Alone. If you’re truly binge watching Christmas movies you might as well add the original Home Alone on the list.

The Palmetto Peaches' 25 Days of Christmas - BIngewatch your way to the holiday

The Family Stone

Not to be confused with Sly and the Family Stone.  This movie features Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes,  Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson and Craig T. Nelson and  causes a bucket of tears.  Because what’s Christmas without a little drama and some Kleenex.

A Christmas Kiss

I was happy to see one of my favorite actor from Roswell in something…anything, but this really was a train wreck of a movie with terrible acting and a predictable ending. For the over 21 club, make an adult hot cocoa and then laugh your way through this movie.

12 Dates of Christmas

Think Groundhog Day, but with Christmas themed dates and a grown up Zack Morris. It’s cheesy and I loved it.

While You Were Sleeping

It’s Sandra Bullock. What else do you need to know?

This Christmas

If you do nothing else — go hit up Spotify and listen to this soundtrack. It’s perfect and it’s  full of Chris Brown pre-Rihanna drama.  Or you can just check out Ace’s Christmas playlist.


Holiday High School Reunion

I fell asleep on this one, so the only thing I can tell you is that Jonathan Bennett, AKA Aaron Samuels (On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was)


 Which movies have you seen? What should I add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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