30 Before 30 List

30 Before 30 - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comWhen this post goes live it will be my 27th birthday! *vogues around the room* I love seeing people’s birthday bucket lists. Now I originally thought I’d make of list of activities I want to do  before my next birthday, but decided against it. A 30 before 30 list gives me three years to get these items crossed off of my list. I think that’s pretty reasonable and a few items are in the works right now.

So what do I hope to accomplish by my 30th birthday?

30 Before 30 List

  1. Attend Comic Con – in full cosplay. Michonne, Harley Quinn, or a Disney villain are high on my list.
  2. Ride on a motorcycle. Motorcycles terrify me, but I want to make conquering my fears a priority.
  3. Visit at least two places on my dream destinations list.
  4. Write a book.
  5. Purchase my first home. In progress.
  6. Buy an DSLR and take a photography class. Last year, I upgraded my camera, but I want to take it a step further and take a photography class.
  7. Become a Big Sister
  8. Test drive a Tesla.
  9. Run a half marathon.
  10. Take a mixology or bartending class. Vodka and pineapple juice is about as complicated as my drink mixing get these days. I’d love to be able to craft a complicated cocktail for a friend or at a dinner party (see #30).
  11. Learn Spanish and brush up on my French. I want to be fluent in both of these languages. I’m not too old to learn, right?
  12. Join a dodgeball league. And DOMINATE! 🙂
  13. Ride an elephant.
  14. Master macarons. Last week, I failed to make some simple sugar cookies, so I have a long way to go. I’m also realizing, I’m not a great a baker as I think I am. Don’t worry though my drunken cupcakes still slay!
  15. Take a sewing class.
  16. Start playing piano again. My mom is jumping for joy. I quit piano lessons in third grade so that I can I could take more dance classes.
  17. Get a tattoo. I’ve wanted  a tattoo since I was 17 and something always happened to stop me. No more excuses. I’m getting my ink.
  18. Treat myself to a pair of Louboutins.
  19. Fall in love. I was going to exclude this from this list, but I’m trying to be more open. I love my family and friends. I’ve cared deeply for guys that I’ve dated, but I can’t say that I’ve ever really been in love.
  20. Plant a tree.
  21. Live abroad.
  22. Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans. 
  23. Dance at Carnival. No, not a cruise ship. I want to go to Trinidad or Haiti and get dressed in an elaborate outfit and dance my ass off.
  24. Invest in stocks. I want to retire in style so before I’m 30 I want to have a diverse financial portfolio that allows me to live comfortable, send my kid(s) to college and throw in some fun activities for myself.
  25. Rescue a dog. I think Sgt. Pepper would enjoy a fur sibling.
  26. Tour Heinz Field. Add go to Heinz Field to the list I guess. I’ve never seen my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers at a home game.
  27. Become a minimalist. I have the potential to be a great candidate for Hoarders. So I’d like live more of a minimalist lifestyle to avoid my own episode on that show.
  28. Go viral.
  29. Go on a Napa Valley wine tour.
  30. Throw a super classy dinner party. There are a few friends who will read this and laugh. We’ve attempted “classy” parties before and it never ends well. We’re a bunch that tends to get rowdy.

Do you have a 30 before 30 or a comparable list? What’s on it? Leave a comment below.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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