6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow--The Palmetto Peaches

Like all good things, too much of Instagram can get messy. But when you’re following the right people, Instagram is good for the soul. Aside from tagging your friends in the “that’s us” memes and screenshots of the exact texts you sent last night–some Instagram accounts make a sore thumb worth it.

Warning: these ladies might put your selfies and brunch plates to shame.

6 Instagram Accounts

 You Need to Follow

6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow--The Palmetto Peaches



Kimee is my cousin and spirit animal. She’s not listed first because we’re related. Search the hashtag #TravelWithKimee on Instagram, and see for yourself. You’ll leave hungry or ready to begin the search for your next vacation.

That one time she made a wall look cool.

A photo posted by kimee (@fashionevryweek) on

Or that time one time I almost broke my phone when this picture popped up on my feed.

A photo posted by @travelwithkimee on

Or this casual photo in front of the Great Pyramid.



I love afros and alcohol, so naturally, I love Johnny and Taneka. I can’t imagine life without a boozy bestie. (Or just a bestie to go on sober adventures with, for you non-drinkers.)

Who doesn’t love a pair of sister-friends?

…who doesn’t love a pair of sister-friends who work and play together?

…who doesn’t love a pair of sister-friends who work and play together with delicious cocktails?



I came to Alex’s account because I kept seeing her quotes reposted everywhere, but I stayed because her name is Alexandra and her pictures were poppin’.

…her mini makes my ovaries do the wobble.

…her quotes are real #LifeGoals.

…and well, this.

A photo posted by alexandra (@alex_elle) on


Insta-Me in my head

A chakra-balancing activist after my own heart.

I’m (still) listening to this book on Audible.

A photo posted by ??? (@spiritualsocialite) on

I live for a good, spiritual self-help quote and picture combo.

She’s the 2 things I try to be: spiritual + social.

A photo posted by ??? (@spiritualsocialite) on



…and it’s not because she’s Bae-Yoncé’s sister. Solange used to annoy me. I didn’t know 1 “little known fact” about her, but she had the fame I wanted as a jealous middle schooler. Now I’m convinced she’s one of my soulmates.

Her love for New Orleans feeds my love for New Orleans.

A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

tHis famous #blackgirlmagic post.

Her growth is magical and admirable.

Are you following any of these dope women on Instagram? Who are your favorite people to follow?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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