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Peace, Love & Shopping: Nordstrom Giveaway

I don’t know about Ace, but sometimes I go online to my favorite clothing stores and put everything I like in my shopping cart. I’ll go and review my choices (hmm, where would I wear that…I should probably buy that in a bigger size … I hope the reviews about buying these shoes a half size bigger are true) deleting items that I deem “unnecessary”. Then I’ll look at the total, laugh hysterically at the absurd amount and quickly close the tab.

Well The Palmetto Peaches have teamed up with other awesome bloggers for a great giveaway that will allow you to actually go through with that purchase. Yes, we’re supporting your shopping habit. We are co-hosting a

$400 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway


Nordstrom Giveaway - The Palmetto Peaches

Prize: $400 Nordstrom Gift Card

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email becky@ohmygoshbeck.com with any questions.)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter daily. Giveaway ends 6/4 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

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What will you buy if you win the $400 gift card? Leave us a comment below or tweet us at @PalmsInATL!

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Raise a Glass For the College Grads


Post-Grad Life - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Four years ago today, on a 75° (yup, we looked it up) day in Columbia, SC your Palmetto Peaches became alumnae of the University of South Carolina. It was a crazy week of celebrations with friends and family after an amazing and memorable journey, complete with highs and lows to get us each to that point. With the upcoming commencements, we thought we would look back at some of our favorite memories from our graduation weekend, discuss post-grad life and impart some words of advice for upcoming seniors and the class of 2015.

Learn our favorite graduation memory, how we would describe college in five words and how post-grad life has been in Part 1!

Listen to our advice for the class of 2015 and what we wish we would’ve known during our senior year in Part 2!


 What was your most memorable moment from your graduation? How’s post-grad life treating you? Tweet us at @PalmsInATL or leave a comment below!

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Melanin & Mimosas

Yesterday, thanks to Sheriden (The Indie Byline), we had the pleasure of joining six other Atlanta bloggers for brunch at 10th & Piedmont. The event was called “Melanin and Mimosas”.  It wasn’t the warm Sunday we were hoping for, but the good food and great company made everything alright.

What we ate

Ace: As if I haven’t had enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the last few days, I chose the “The King” Stuffed French Toast – stuffed with peanut butter and sliced bananas, and a side of fresh melon and pineapple (LOL, fruit). I paced myself and only had one traditional mimosa, however, my next trip to 10th & Piedmont will include a Granmosa (Grand Marnier, vodka, champagne and OJ) and/or “all you care to drink” mimosas.

Donni: This weekend a few of my friends from the famously hot Columbia were in town visiting and my healthy eating went right out of the window. I think I ate half of weight in fries and sriracha mayo at Ormsby’s. Also, how many calories do you think are in a vodka pineapple? So on Sunday, I debated with myself to turn the weekend around with the Feel Good Plate (scrambled egg whites with red peppers, spinach and feta, turkey sausage, low fat yogurt and fresh fruit). Ultimately, I decided to continue the “cheat weekend” and went with a peach Bellini and the Southwest Burrito  – with chicken, potatoes. onions. peppers, scrambled eggs, cheddar, sour cream and salsa.

What we learned

Donni: It was so nice to hear that others were struggling with finding the balance between their own path and emulating the path that some really popular bloggers have set. We all obviously have a vision, but want the audience as well. With so many bloggers out there doing similar things it can be difficult to find a balance between being 100% original and also trying to do something that obviously works. For me it would be easy to pull together a DIY post every week and not talk about myself. That’s just my personality, but I realized that I need to make myself more open, if this blog is going to be something people really can relate to.

Ace: Regardless of where we are right now or where we used to be, it seems like we all face (or have faced) the same blogger challenges: finding our voices, remaining consistent and opening up to the world. This is only the second networking event I’ve attended since I moved here (unacceptable I know)–but I’m always surprised to hear how my fellow young creatives/professionals are going through similar struggles, despite how different our paths may seem.

Another takeaway? I need to learn how to code…

What’s next

Ace: I’m going to (try) to not be so hard on myself. I almost didn’t go to Melanin and Mimosas. After hiding in my room with Xfinity Watchathon Week, and being a little bummed about not getting to do hoodrat things with my friends—I just wanted to finish my weekend in bed. So I started to talk myself out of going. My list of excuses was super short:

1. I don’t have anything to wear.
2. My eyebrows look like hell.
3. I can’t afford myself.

But I’m so glad I did! I got some fresh air and got introduced to new fabulous, friendly faces. Didn’t even have to hide in the bathroom to do my Wonder Woman pose for 3 minutes. Now I’m even more excited to plan a Palmetto Peaches event to connect us with more Atlanta bloggers! I’m also looking forward to working on the challenges we discussed at brunch. I have the same 24 hours in a day as these ladies (and Mama Oprah…and Queen Bey), even when those hours seems like the worst ones ever in the history of Everdom. Reading more blogs similar to my style of writing is at the top of my list. I’ve always used writing as a way to vent or to help plan out some of my ideas. There is nothing I currently do on a normal basis that makes me want to sit down, recap and/or explain, so I stick to what I know–my life. Even if my posts cover issues I’m still trying to figure out; I value putting myself out there to get advice/tips from others while possibly realizing how crazy I sound on “paper”.

Donni: I’ve decided that I want to become a better photographer. One thing we discussed during brunch is having the ability to make sure that not only the content of our blogs is high quality, but that the visual component matches. Luckily, I’ve been coding websites since I was 13 so that part of our visual brand is taken care of. (Basically, when I wasn’t at dance class I spent my time updating my personal website and writing fanfiction.) However, I want to make sure we have professional(ish) photography. Having a love for capturing images and know how important lighting is, doesn’t make me a great photographer. Over the past two weeks, I’ve purchased a tripod and upgraded from my sad 12MP point and shoot Samsung camera to what I’m calling my beginner’s DSLR. Before, I go out and make an investment in the $800 Nikon that I truly want, I’ve decided that I’m going to take some time teach myself some photography basics: exposure, ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Armed with this knowledge, I know I can start visually expressing myself better on the blog.

Also, I’ve made it my mission to find ways to collaborate and connect with other bloggers. The ladies we met (listed below) yesterday are doing some amazing things and chatting with them only fueled my creativity.

Melanin and Mimosas -- The Palmetto Peaches

Photo Credit: The Indie Byline

For more  Melanin & Mimosas pics, visit The Indie Byline!

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Kiss Us… We’re Southern

♣ Happy St. Patrick’s Day, palmettos and peaches!! ♣

May your pints be filled with Guinness and your whiskey made by Jameson!!
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve decided to do a Q&A so that you can get to know us a little better.
Kiss Us We're Southern -- The Palmetto Peaches

St. Pat’s in Five Points 2015



What would be the perfect theme song for your typical St. Pat’s celebrations?
Hmm… If I had to pick the song that was most fitting I’d go with “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry. Let’s examine some of the lyrics:
There’s a pounding in my head
This St. Patrick’s Day was an exception. I might become a responsible adult after all.
Glitter all over the room
Well duh, that’s a regular Monday night for me.
Pink flamingos in the pool
It was a kiddie pool, but still…
I smell like a minibar
Don’t act like you’ve never been there before.
DJ’s passed out in the yard
I will neither confirm nor deny that my friend DJ has done this, but those of you who know us know.
It’s a blacked out blur, but I’m pretty sure it ruled
I have a Facebook album with this title. Enough said.


Tell us about your most memorable St. Patrick’s Day moment?

My most memorable St. Patrick’s Day was the only one I’ve spent without any of my close group of friends, but it’s memorable for a completely different reason than you would think. The first and only St. Patrick’s Day I spent in Tallahassee was so weird for me. I had celebrated (i.e. made some really memorable or questionable moments) St. Pat’s in Columbia for the past four years with some of my closest friends and now I found myself in a completely different environment. Don’t get me wrong – I had fun. I left my shift pushing copies at Staples and met up with a girl in my grad program — who turned into my crazy awesome future roommate. I even met a guy who I ended up dating for a year.

These aren’t the reasons they’re my most memorable. I’m calling it my most memorable because it caused me to open myself up to new people and new experiences. Here I was in a new city and I couldn’t be sad that I wasn’t sharing a yard of green beer with some of my favorite people on the planet. I learned something about myself that day. Traditions are great, but sometimes breaking tradition can be beneficial as well. To be clear — I’ve spent every St. Pat’s since then in Columbia reuniting with my crazy cast of friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, breaking tradition can be beneficial, but so is one weekend with my best friends. Who knows maybe we’ll break tradition by moving the festivities to Savannah next year!

 What’s are three must-have items for a successful St. Pat’s celebration?

  1. Irish Car Bombs (also delicious in cupcake form).
  2. Obnoxious green gear… I’m talking beads and more beads, knee high green socks, fake green mustache, green top hats. (Oh, and glitter because).
  3. Most importantly — friends to celebrate and create new memories with.


Tell us about your most memorable St. Patrick’s Day moment?

The keyword here is “memorable”. My most memorable St. Patrick’s Day moment is from 2009. I got back to Columbia from Florida at about 7am on the morning of the festival. I was so excited about life and only needed 2 hours of sleep before sending those “Wake up, let’s drink” texts. Fast forward to a few hours and whole-lotta drinks later, and we’re in Lucky’s. I had a fun conversation with a group of senior citizens (real, 60 something year old senior citizens). I told them I wanted to be like them when I grew up, which basically meant “I still want to drink like this in 40 years!” This is my most memorable moment, because while all this was going down, my extremely intoxicated friend was heading to the drunk tank. Next question, please.

What is your favorite St. Pat’s tradition?

My squad and I created our own St. Patty’s tradition. We try to get together every year, regardless of what city we live in, to celebrate with Irish Car Bombs and early morning pre-gaming. Every year we’ve been able to attend the St. Pat’s in Five Points Festival together, we make it known that the ultimate goal is to survive. By survive I mean, get in and get out…on our own. We’ve had a few MAJOR fails, but for the most part–we pull through! Yes, it’s a tradition to go to the festival, but my favorite tradition is having to actually say “This year, I will survive.”

What’s are three must-have items for a successful St. Pat’s celebration?

  1. A place to sleep
  2. Emergency contact information for your group of friends
  3. Water


Leave a comment below with some of your St. Patrick’s Day traditions/memories!

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Say Hello to The Palmetto Peaches

Welcome to the home of The Palmetto Peaches! Usually, Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck and hockey masks; but we (Ace and Donni) had something different in mind for today! For years we’ve seriously and jokingly talked about our future collaborations–the bar we’d have in our office, the list of our friends we’d never work with, etc. Finally, it’s happening!

PalmsToPeaches (S2)--Bridge--18

Photo credit: Rachel Neal


What do you get when you combine #PRgirls with similar backgrounds, different interests and a sisterly relationship? You get us: two 20-somethings taking on “adulthood” with a lot of good times, a few bad decisions and a nice helping of coffee and alcohol. We’re excited to share our experiences, learn from you (and each other), all while having some fun in the A. From crafty DIY creations to creepy conversations on the MARTA train, your Palmetto Peaches have plenty to talk about. Not only are we using this blog to express ourselves, we’re using it to connect with other like-minded folks. That’s what the Internet is for, right? While we hope you enjoy our posts, pics and videos–we’d like to hear from you too! Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Watch the video below to meet Acecily “Ace” Alexander and Donnica “Donni” Smalls.

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