Childhood Summer Memories

Although it isn’t officially summer, we’re going to do a little flashback Friday and share some of our childhood summer memories.

Childhood Summer Memories - The Palmetto Peaches -


Down down baby, down by the roller coaster
Sweet sweet baby, I’ll never let you go

It’s been about six years since I spent a full summer in Charleston. But the heat, humidity and afternoon thunderstorms are everything but forgettable. As a child I spent many of my summer days at my grandmother’s house on James Island, less than five miles away from Folly Beach. One of my aunts lived there with her two children and served as my grandmother’s caretaker.

Childhood Summer Memories - The Palmetto Peaches -

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pops,
Shimmy shimmy pow!
Shimmy shimmy cocoa pops
Shimmy shimmy pow!

My parents worked and so I would be dropped off there along with another cousin. So the four of us – two boys and two girls — spent just about every summer together. We didn’t go to the beach. We spent the days outside tying one end of a rope to a tree, and jumping rope with the other end in my cousin’s hand or playing handclapping games. The boys off doing their own thing away from the house or hold up inside playing Nintendo. Sometimes they’d let us play, mainly the bonus rounds in Super Mario and we’d all take turns blowing into the cartridges when the games messed up.  Nintendo later turned into Super Nintendo, which turned PlayStation.

Gramma gramma, sick in bed,
Called the doctor and the doctor said

When we were older My cousin and I would sneak into her brother’s room to play Tekken and Mortal Kombat – being careful to place his controllers back where we found them as not to get caught. That’s also where we would record songs of the radio on cassette tapes, being careful not to get the commercials at the beginning of the song.

Let’s get the rhythm of the head – ding dong
Let’s get the rhythm of the head – ding dong
Let’s get the rhythm of the hands – clap, clap
Let’s get the rhythm of the hands – clap, clap

My aunt gave us summer homework — I remember pages and pages of math problems — that we’d have to complete before going outside. And once you were outside you had to stay outside because 1) you couldn’t let the cool air out and 2) we smelled like “outdoors”.

Let’s get the rhythm of the feet – stomp, stomp
Let’s get the rhythm of the feet – stomp, stomp

At some point Monopoly became the group game. We were vicious and eager to bankrupt everyone. My favorite were the yellow properties. We only stopped for $5 Hot N Ready’s from Little Caesars and freeze pops.

Let’s get the rhythm of the – hot dog
Let’s get the rhythm of the – hot dog!

When the summer storms rolled in, my grandmother would make us sit in silence – in the dark. TVs were immediately turned off. Get too loud and you’d get popped with a switch.

Put it all together and what do you get?
Ding dong, clap clap, stomp stomp, hot dog!
Put it all backward and what do you get?
Hot dog, stomp stomp, clap clap, ding dong!



Walking to the corner store for chilly bears.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a chilly bear is basically frozen Kool-Aid. The most amazing frozen Kool-Aid you’ll ever taste. One of the only things better than enjoying a chilly bear after walking in the heat, is searching under the couch for enough change to buy one. They were 25 cents.

Swimming lessons at the community center.

My mom and aunts thought it would be a good idea for all of us to take swimming lessons together–all 15 of us. I still know how to swim, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. (Except for that one time we caused a mini riot when my cousin got in a fight.)Childhood Summer Memories -- The Palmetto Peaches

Playing Red Rover in the grass while visiting our “country” cousins.

Red Rover, Red Rover send Cec on over! When I was a little girl, visiting family in Florence, SC was my Disney World. We’d play a ton of games outside before the streetlights came on, but Red Rover was always the funniest.


What are some of your favorite childhood summer memories? Leave us a comment below!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peachesand  Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

The Gifts of Christmas Past

The Gifts of Christmas Past - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comAs soon as we were done with Thanksgiving dinner, the hunt for paper and pencils began. It was the most exciting time of the year, the writing of our Christmas lists. The time to remind Santa I made all A’s, got the highest average in my class and was nice to my little sister at least for the past month.

Some of us only wanted our two front teeth, while others had lists two sheets of paper long. Even though every gift I got from Santa (aka my mama) was super dope, there are a few things I never saw underneath the tree. Take a sleigh ride with me to visit the gifts of Christmas past!

What didn’t make it under the tree:

American Girl Samantha: I read every Samantha book, and could not wait to read them to my new doll. But nah. Never happened. I even picked out our matching outfits we were going to wear to the tea parties.  American Girl dolls weren’t cheap, so I’m thinking my little Samantha and her accessories were more expensive that some kids’ total Christmas list.
 photo E70F44B9-5F9A-44BC-9175-10C63BD40505_zpsyqs0qeze.jpg
Cocker Spaniel: She was going to be black and white, and I was going to name her Raindrop. Ya know, because I was a kid hippie. Unfortunately, my mama had this thing where she got too attached to her dogs, and her entire world would crumble if they died. Translation: we never got a dog.

Burgundy velvet jumper with a matching hat: Remember getting the JC Penney catalog and flipping through every single page to write a Christmas list? I know my sister and I weren’t the only ones. You couldn’t tell me I wouldn’t be skipping in the front yard with my new velvet get up. To be honest not getting that jumper was probably in my best interest.

My favorite gifts that made it under the tree:

Jennie Gymnast: Jennie flipped it and reversed it all day long on Christmas. There was also a Super Jennie–she came with the gym bars!

Gifts of Christmas Past--The Palmetto Peaches

Source: EBay


Polaroid Camera: I think I was 9 when I got my first camera. It was a blue Fisher Price one. Obviously my photography skills were pretty dope, so a few years later I got a Polaroid!

Barbie Roller Skates: With the knee pads and helmet of course. I skated outdoors and indoors, because not only were the skates fun–they were super cute! Well, they were cute at the time. My desire to wear pink and purple vanished after elementary school.

Furby: If you don’t remember Furby, you’re too young for me yo. It was like having a gremlin that didn’t snap when wet or hungry! They were the hottest toys in the late 90s. Although I currently don’t participate in the Black Friday shenanigans, I’m pretty sure my mama had to swing on a few folks to get one of these. FYI, I also added a Furby Baby to my collection.
 photo 14AD403A-5606-45A5-B029-35F54544CE12_zpsz8huuowy.jpg

Do you remember what you asked for but never received? What were your favorite Christmas gifts? Tell me all about your gifts of Christmas past by commenting below or tweeting me @PalmsInATL.


10 Signs You Grew Up in Charleston

Updated June 24, 2016

On June 10, 2015 after a little hesitation, I published the “10 Signs You Grew Up in Charleston” list. Over 2,000 shares, 100 comments and I don’t know how many Facebook mentions later, it became my first “viral” post.

10 Signs You Grew Up In Charleston-- The Palmetto Peaches

Exactly 7 days after that list brought us so many laughs and stories, tragedy struck: 9 people were killed, 1 of them being a dear friend of my mom, during bible study at Mother Emanuel AME church. Our trip down memory lane came to a devastating stop. Even though Charleston received so much support from people all over the world, the Charleston community became the angels the Holy City needed.


June 10, 2015: Original post

Like a lot of people, I didn’t appreciate my hometown (Charleston, SC) until after I left for college. Besides walking on “The Battery” and splashing in the pineapple fountain, there wasn’t much to do if you weren’t 21. Although I complained back then, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if I grew up in any other city. “You Know You’re from Charleston if” type lists already exist, but I wanted to write one based on the “Holy City” I’ve grown to love.
10 Signs You Grew Up in Charleston-- The Palmetto Peaches


10 Signs You Grew Up in Charleston:

  1. You’ve been sent to the corner store for a Chilly Bear.

  2. You actually know what a Chilly Bear is.

  3. You went to the Christmas parade specifically to see the High Steppin’ Burke Bulldogs.

  4. Frooties were a legit party favor.

  5. It’s acceptable to cancel plans, especially Downtown, when it rains longer than 5 minutes.

  6. People from other cities ask if you’re from Jamaica, ya know, because you have an accent.

  7. Your friends from out-of-town ask you to say, “Y’all boy look ya”.

  8. You think Chewies should be on the dessert menu at local restaurants.

  9. Saying “init” is how you agree during a conversation.

  10. Mayor Riley was the mayor for most of, if not all, of your life.

Fast forward to June 2016

One year later, and still in need of more love and unity, I’m adding to  the original post! There were some unimpressed readers who felt left out of the loop because they couldn’t relate. One person even took the time to comment to say this list was made for Black people from Charleston. Welp, since I based the list on my personal experience, and I’m Black — she’s right. This list was created because I didn’t relate to most of the other lists.

Hopefully, more folks will recognize the new additions!

10 (more) Signs You Know You Grew Up in Charleston

  1. You’ve climbed into a stranger’s yard to pick Japanese plums. (Post comment from A. Monroe)
  2. You eat rice with every vegetable or meal. (Post comment from E. Fleming)
  3. You either bought Sweetgrass roses from kids on Market Street, hid from the kids selling Sweetgrass roses on Market Street, or you were the kids selling Sweetgrass roses on Market Street.
  4. Tourists assume you’re a shrimp and grits expert. 
    People: “Where do you go for good shrimp and grits?”
    Me: “Home.”
  5. …Speaking of grits, you Alway them at any time of the day. (With salt, not sugar)
  6. The pineapple at Waterfront Park was basically a swimming pool. (It was a better idea when we were kids who didn’t know better.)
  7. California Dreaming was your dinner spot for prom, birthdays, and any other special occasion.
  8. You know “Huger” is pronounced HOO-jee.
  9. You bond with your friends and family over “eating crabs”.
  10. You know where to stand to watch the Riverdogs’ Friday night fireworks, without having to actually go the games.

If you’re from the #HolyCity, tell me what all you’ve done on this list, and what you would add! Leave a comment below or tweet me @TheAceAlexa!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches