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Fall 2017 TV Preview: Let Me Be Your TV Guide

It’s that time of year, peeps. In my head/ former life, I just know I was a TV show writer — all hits of course. However, since I’m in this life, I’ll just give you a fall 2017 TV preview. If you’re behind on any of your favorite shows, you may want to skip my commentary and just jot down the dates because there may be spoilers.

 Fall 2017 TV Preview: Let Me Be Your TV Guide - The Palmetto Peaches

Fall 2017 TV Preview: Most Anticipated

This Is Us (NBC)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c

I basically needed a box of tissues for every episode last season. So I’ll be buying in bulk before the second season begins. You know the saying about failing to plan. As you may recall, this is how we left the Pearsons:

  • Back in the past Jack has left Rebecca after a huge fight
  • Randall threw the idea out to Beth about adopting
  • Kevin scored a big movie right after winning Sophie back
  • Kate decided to pursure singing, like her mom

Things I need Answered: HOW DID JACK DIE? But most importantly will the second season live up to the amazingness that was the first season and what kind of narrative tricks are they going to pull on us?

Scandal (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m./8c

This is the FINAL season of Scandal. I was still in grad school that fateful premiere day: April 5, 2012. As sad as I am to see it go and as much as I will miss the Twitter conversations, it’s time. I will have popcorn every Thursday and I will even drink red wine instead of my usual white. I’ll continue to @ Scott Foley – aka Jake aka Pillow Lips – (who has liked my tweets to him several times) and Papa Pope himself, the incomparable Joe Morton (who has also retweeted/liked my tweets).

 I’ve read the final season starts 100 days into Mellie’s presidency and we’re going to really see a new side of Olivia as the new head of B613. I’m also very curious to see the new Quinn Perkins & Associates and how that storyline all plays out. Finally, will Fitz and Olivia end up together? I hope not. #TeamJake. 

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Premieres: Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m./8c

The season 8 premiere is going to be the 100th episode of The Walking Dead. That’s crazy! And I have a feeling that the executive producers Scott M. Gimple and Greg Nicotero will pull out all the stops for this episode. The comic-con teaser had me hyped from from the first moment we hear Negan’s voice over about two seconds into the teaser.

Here’s what to expect: ALL OUT WAR

The battle is coming, y’all. Those trash people double-crossed our group to work with Negan and the Saviors, but we’ve got the Kingdom and Hilltop on our side. I say our because obviously I feel like I’m a part of Rick’s group.

 Stranger Things (Netflix)

Premieres: Friday, Oct. 27

Y’all I’m geeked. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling Stranger Things the first episode or two. It just started so slow to me, but then I was hooked. Did you know the first season nabbed 18 Emmy nominations? That’s how good it was.

So here’s where we left off: Eleven, played by the oh, so charming and cool, Millie Bobby Brown, sacrificed herself to defeat the Demogorgon. Meanwhile, poor little Will gets rescued only to cough up something. A slug? Will, little man, what did you bring back from the Upside-Down?

I want to see how Nancy handles Barb’s death and what looks like could be a love triangle with Steve and Jonathan.

Fall 2017 TV Preview: Oldies but Goodies

A few of these shows are only four seasons in, but that’s enough to call it an oldie, right?

  • American Horror Story: Cult → Season 7 premiere; Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10 p.m./ 9c
  • You’re the Worst (FXX) Season 4 premiere; Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m./9c
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC) →  Season 25 premiere ; Monday Sept. 18 at 8 p.m./7c
  • The Voice (NBC)Season 13 premiere; Monday,Sept. 25 at 8 p.m./7c
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) → Season 5 premiere: Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9:30 p.m./8:30c
  • Empire (Fox) Season 4 premiere; Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. /7c
  • How to Get Away With Murder (ABC) → Season 4 premiere ; Thursday, Sept. 28 at 10 p.m./9c
  • Black-ish (ABC) → Season 4 premiere; Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m./8c
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) →  Season 7 premiere; Friday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m./7c
    • The cast got all shaken up for this season, so I’m not sure it’s going to fly. I almost considered putting it in the hit or miss section.
  • Jane the Virgin (The CW) → Season 4 premiere; Friday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m./8c
  • Shameless (Showtime) → Season 8 premiere; Sunday, Nov. 5 at 9 p.m./8c

The Mindy Project (Hulu)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 12

I love Mindy Kaling and I love Mindy Lahiri. However, the upcoming sixth season will be the final season of the show. Bless Hulu for keeping this one alive after Fox canceled it.

When we left Mindy, she was proposing to Ben (beautiful Bryan Greenberg). I’m interested to see if marriage actually works out for Mindy and what her happily ever after will look like. I follow Mindy on Instagram and it’s been weird seeing her post photos of the final wrap days for some of my favorite characters.

 Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m./7c

Until Shonda makes the sun set on this show, I will continue to watch. No matter how many gallons of tears I shed over these fictional characters, I will keep coming back for more pain (and laughter).  Season 14 should bring a lot of drama with Meredith’s promise for new love (R.I.P Derek) being ripped from her. To be honest, I think Alex and Meredith are endgame. Don’t @ me!


5 New TV Shows You Must Watch

It’s no secret that the Palmetto Peaches love fall. New sweatshirts to wear, new cocktails to taste and new TV shows to watch. As if our DVR isn’t already full with Paw Patrol and Real Housewives episodes, I’ve added more to the recording list. Here are 5 (plus a few extras) I fell in love with this season.

5 New TV Shows You Must Watch -- The Palmetto Peaches

New TV Shows You Must Watch

Atlanta – series ended Nov. 1st (FX)

It takes talented people to add humor to everyday issues without being completely disrespectful–but Donald Glover and the Atlanta cast/staff did just that. Atlanta (the city) is to rising rappers as Los Angeles is to rising actors, or anyone with the dream of making it in Hollywood. So watching the storyline unfold was both nostalgic and hilarious. FYI: Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) is my favorite.5 New TV Shows You Must Watch -- The Palmetto Peaches

Queen Sugar – Wednesdays @ 10 p.m. EST (OWN)

Anything that comes from the minds Oprah and Ava Duveray is gold. New Orleans holds a special place in my heart, and it’s not because of Bourbon St. (well not all because of Bourbon St.) I think it’s the culture; and Queen Sugar is about family, culture and a little bit of drama. I lied, there’s a lot of drama.

This is Us – Tuesdays @ 9 p.m. EST (NBC)

So many feels, y’all. The commercial for this show was too great for it to not be amazing. I was not emotionally prepared for the plot twist in the first episode. If you’re a sucker for stories where everyone is connected, and want to shed a few tears, watch!

Pitch – Thursdays @ 9 p.m. EST (FOX)

Scandal returns in January, so Pitch airs at the perfect time. Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is the first woman to play in the MLB. No pressure. The show follows her journey of proving she deserves a spot in the league, while bringing to light the sacrifices she and her family made to help get her there.

Better Things – Thursdays @ 10 p.m. EST (FX)

Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon) is an actress and single mother of three girls: Max, Frankie and Duke. HOW AWESOME ARE THOSE NAMES?! The relationship she has with her kids or her own mother isn’t an “ideal” one, and that’s what stole my heart. Bonus: Adlon’s animated voice reminds me of cartoons from my childhood. 5 New TV Shows You Must Watch -- The Palmetto Peaches

Thursday is a big night for television–which is another reason the DVR is 98% full. I didn’t list every show I fell in love with this fall, but some of them are on Donni’s list of fall premieres.

Shows I Binged Watched That You Must Watch
Luke Cage (Netflix): If you love Marvel or modern day superheroes, watch this. If you’re racist, don’t watch this.
Good Girls Revolt (Amazon): Women fighting for equality + women writers = YAAAS.
Rosewood (FOX): Not a new show, but I had to watch season 1 to prepare for season 2. Morris Chestnut has been serving eye candy realness to me since the 90s.


Do you watch any of these shows? What new shows are on your must-watch list? Comment below or tweet me!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches