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9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs Some TLC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for some people. The holidays bring lots of love and cheer, but that doesn’t stop anxiety and depression from making an appearance. Aside from the family and life related things that make us want to curl-up under a rock, the cold and gloomy weather makes it harder to deal with daily struggles. Nope, money can’t buy happiness–but it sure can buy things that help put a smile on our faces.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

The Palmetto Peaches are huge fans of self-care, and all things #TreatYoself related. So this list wasn’t hard to create. (I basically copy and pasted my Christmas list.)

9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs TLC

Affirmation cards.

Thoughts become things, and affirmations can help shift a negative mindset to a positive one. If you want to get crafty, here are 5 affirmations you can use to create your own cards!

I always focus on the positive.

Nothing in life is worth the price of worry.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

Today, I wake up with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.

I radiate beauty, charm and grace.

Sage wand.

Bye negative energy, byeeee. Sage is used for relaxation and cleansing. Perfect to help burn all the bad vibes from 2017, and start the New Year.

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Book of quotes.

Words from a Wanderer, by Alex Elle, is a book of notes she wrote to herself. The notes I write to myself aren’t half as inspiring (or coherent), so I love reading this when I need a pep talk.

Inspirational coffee/tea mug.

They’re great to remind your friend how dope she/he is, and are cute for the Gram and Snap.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches


I’m not a tea-drinker, but my friend/former co-worker lives by it. With different flavors like apple mango sangria (um, hi) and chocolate earl grey, there’s something for the tea lover in your life. Check out more of Chelsea’s tea flavors here.


While the smell of Christmas makes me feel better, others prefer lavender and vanilla. The new candles will partner well with other self-care gift ideas like affirmation cards. Just saying.


Sometimes all wee need is a good talkin’ to, preferably from folks like Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes.

Sweatshirt. wear while they comfortably listen to audiobooks and drink hot tea, duh.

A good ol’ fashioned 2-hour phone call or a hug.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

What self-care gifts are on your list to give or receive? 

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Holiday Gift Guide: Be An Elf

Holiday Gift Guide: Be An Elf - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comHopefully, you were inspired by the wallet friendly gift ideas in part one of my gift guide.  Part two is going to be a little different. This is a gift guide for strangers. Yes, strangers.  I love volunteering and am a supporter of giving back during all seasons, but  there is just something about giving back during the holiday season (whether you celebrate Christmas or not) that brings cheer.  So today’s gift guide will outline a few ways that you can “be an elf” to those who need a little help.

Be An Elf

Every year, the US Postal Service kicks off Operation Santa which gives you an the ability to adopt a letter or donate online to send gifts to needy children who write to Santa Claus. Now there are only 15 branches nationwide that offer Operation Santa. You can find the locations of participating USPS Post Office here. I was really bummed that Atlanta wasn’t on the list.  The program kicks off the first week of December and each branch has a different deadline for adopting letters and dropping your gifts off. Here’s an example of a real letter:

Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2) - Be An Elf - The Palmetto Peaches -


Other Ways to Be An Elf

  • Call a local children’s group home in your city and see if there are any items you can donate. Perhaps, you can sponsor a toy drive for them.  Also, check with your local homeless shelters for additional opportunities to volunteer or donate items.
  • As a fur mama, I have to add help needy animals to this list.  Feel free to collect food, bedding, toys, and treats for your local shelter.
  • Toys for Tots is always a great option.
  • Anonymously pay off a layaway account at K-Mart or Walmart.
  • The Salvation Army has the Angel Tree program which delivers gifts to children in the name of an incarcerated parent.
  • Serve cookies at an assisted-living facility for the elderly.
  • You can donate scraps of material and make blankets for Project Linus ( The organization then donates them to seriously ill children in hospitals, social-service agencies, and shelters.
  • If you’re unable to donate money to any charities, consider donating blood to the American Red Cross or simply volunteering your time.

Do you know of any other ways to be an elf? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. 

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Holiday Gift Guide - The Palmetto Peaches - Palmsinatl.comWe’re getting closer and closer to Christmas folks. Before you spend big bucks on presents for your favorites, I’ve pulled together some wallet-friendly gifts for the glam girls, curlfriends, and girl bosses in your life.


Gifts for the Glam Girl

Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts for the Glam Girl - The Palmetto Peaches -

Kate Spade Wine Tote / ‘But First Coffee’ Thermal Travel Mug / Makeup Brush Set / OPI 10-Piece Breakfast At Tiffany’s Mini Set / Wine Glasses / Rose Gold Headphones



Gifts for your Curlfriends

To be fair unless you know which products your curlfriend swears by you may be better off handing her a gift card, but below are some of my favorite brands for naturalistas!

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Your Curlfriends - The Palmetto Peaches -

Camille Rose Twisting Butter / TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer/  Quench Curl RefresherNaturally Smitten Hair Butter /Sister & Co. Coconut Oil (honestly all of their products are so good, but oils – jojoba, shea, vitamin E, Jamaican Castor Oil are all great!)/  DevaTowelDenman Brush /Shea Moisture (everything)/ Hands off the hair T-Shirt / Curly Girl Tee


Gifts for the Girl Boss

Holiday Gift Guide - Girl Boss Gift Guide - The Palmetto Peaches -

Business card holder/ Kate Spade Pen Set / Moleskin NotebookMake It Happen Journal / Master Plan Notebook / Desktop Organizer / Bloom Planner Day Designer Gold Spotty Planner / Don’t Quit Your Daydream Art Print / Every Day I’m Hustlin’ Coffee MugGoal Digger Vinyl Decal


Don’t forget to take advantage of our Holiday gift list printable and stay tuned for part two of my gift guide!!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches