Journaling Through June and July: 10 Prompts To Get You Started

At the beginning of the year, I was a journaling machine – killing my daily affirmations and jotting down my random thoughts and ideas. Daily affirmations became weekly affirmations, which I was fine with until my affirmations disappeared altogether.  Ace wisely reminded me the other day that thoughts become things. So I want to get back on my journaling game.

Journaling Through June and July: 10 Prompts To Get You Started

Journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being, including reducing stress and increasing emotional intelligence, memory and comprehension. Read about other benefits here.

My goal is to sit down once a week (I think I’m saving Sundays for this) for the rest of this month and July and spend 20 minutes journaling. Then I’m going to make it twice a week, but baby steps, people. Anyways, if you’re interested in journaling here are a few prompts to get you started. 


10 Journaling Prompts To Get You Started

1)What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

2)Pick a favorite inspirational quote and design a journal page around it.

Write about the wisdom this quote awakens in you and how applies to your life. Why is it important for you at this time?

3) Write a gratitude list.

4) Write your sources of stress.

Write as many things as you can think of. When you are finished, reflect on how long the list is and how strong you are to be dealing with all of it. If you list is long, you may want to sort them into categories.  Sort stress-sources into categories like ‘life’, ‘money’, ‘people’, ‘school’ etc.  Brainstorm solutions to at least one stress source in each category. If your list is relatively short pick one or two that you can tackle fairly easy and jot down ways to alleviate that stressor. 

5) Write a pep talk to give yourself the next time you feel sad, upset, or full of doubt.

6) Find an image or two in a magazine that draws you.

Cut it out, and paste it on a blank journal page. You can write two sentences or two pages. Just let it out. Let the image speak to you. You may be surprised at how much lighter you will feel.

7) Journal about your unhealthy habits.

8) I am amazing because…

9) Find some lyrics that you love and jot them down. Write about why the lyrics resonate with you. 

10) Create a list. Here are a few ideas:

  • Places you’ve enjoyed visiting or would like to visit
  • Your favorite books
  • All of favorite movies
  • Your favorite songs
  • Your top five short term and long term goals

Join me on this journaling adventure. Feel free to journal more frequently than what I’ve set. If you want to share some pics use the hashtag: #JournalingJuneandJuly.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches


Gratitude, always. Always, gratitude.

” … it’s all kind of amazing—what we get to do, what we get to attempt, what we sometimes get to commune with.
Gratitude always. Always, gratitude.” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

I decided to share my gratitude journal before listening to Oprah’s “What I Know for Sure” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” on Audible. Bare with me as I try to not make this post a book review. Gratitude journals are a great way to be present. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and be thankful for everything that’s going right, instead of focusing on what’s going wrong.

Gratitude Always--The Palmetto Peaches

What I know for sure is I can’t change the past, tomorrow is not promised and Oprah gives the best life advice. So when Auntie O tells you how gratitude journals transformed her life, you listen!

Here are a few noteworthy entries from this month’s gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal Entries

March 1

I woke up this morning: To give an idea of what my days are like living with my sister and nephews, imagine what it would be like living with the monsters from “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Now imagine what it would be like living with them in a frat house. Yeah, that’s it. Some days, it is hard to wake up to this as my reality, but most days, I’m just grateful I woke up.

Paid my cell phone bill: As much as I complain about having to use my phone to write blog posts, I am blessed enough to have a way to continue something I enjoy. This time last year, I was using a phone that wouldn’t even download the Word Press app. Progress!

Hazelnut creamer: Y’all just don’t know how the smell and taste of hazelnut improves my mornings from 0 to 100, real quick.

Countdown to Beyoncé: Every day I survive puts me closer to being reunited with Queen Bey on April 29th. If you’re not talking about Beyoncé between April 29th and May 2nd, don’t talk to me. I’m very serious. I will be in Tampa ignoring all responsibilities.

March 2

I finally got the quiet morning I wanted: Remember the “Where the Wild Things Are” frat house I described earlier? Well on this day, it was quiet. Quiet enough to take a nap, despite all the work I needed to get done.

Inside Out is On Demand: I watched. I cried. I conquered.

Gratitude Always--The Palmetto Peaches

March 6

The word from Pastor Jackson (Brookland Baptist Church): I may not enjoy waking up for sunrise service while visiting my Auntie Karen in Columbia, but it’s ALWAYS worth it. He said, “The greater your ambition, the more angels you’ll need. Angels will divert you from danger, deliver you from distress and direct your destiny.” Come on, somebody!

Old Chicago Mediterranean pizza paired with Son of a Peach beer: So, so, good y’all. So good.

March 7

I have beautiful friendships. Of course this isn’t my first time realizing this, but this week was special. Back in February, I saw a video of Oprah getting emotional describing her friendship with Gayle. I combined that video with Pastor Jackson’s angel message, and caught all the feels. My introverted ways makes it hard to talk to all of my friends everyday, but the love doesn’t change. If I really need something, whether it’s a good laugh, a few Olivia Pope sized glasses of wine, or a bus ticket out of town–my squad ALWAYS has my back. Not everyone can say that, but I hope one day they can. (Grab a tissue and watch Oprah’s interview below.)

We’re not on that Oprah and Gayle level yet, but we are well on our way, and for that I’m grateful.

March 18, 4:27am (yes, I documented the time on this one.)

Today, I’m grateful that I did not waste too much of my life in a toxic relationship. The actual relationships I’m surrounded by or the couple’s I know, are not #RelationshipGoals, they’re actually the complete opposite. No shade, but in my opinion, no love is the same. However, as I stared at the ceiling at 4:27am and listened to 2 people argue, for the 50th time this week, I really had to take a moment to exhale. In that moment, I was so grateful to not be either one of them, and for the relationships I no longer have–even if they’re ones I wanted to hold on to. People are in your life for a reason, season or lifetime. You may not know why they’re there at the time, but I promise you will learn a lesson or gain experience on that journey.
Gratitude Always--The Palmetto Peaches

My gratitude journal helps me reflect without getting caught up in the past. Writing down what I’m grateful for is a daily reminder that I’m always one decision away from changing my life, and being my best self.


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If you keep a gratitude journal, I’d love to hear how it has changed your perspective, and even a few entries if you’re willing to share! Comment below or tweet me @PalmsInATL.

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches