Weight Won’t Wait

If I get another chance to, I will never, no never, neglect you.” -Me to my body every time I look in the mirror.

My initial plans were to write a post about old love, but something drastic happened. Wait for it… I weighed myself Saturday morning. Yes, it was that big of a deal. After getting off that scale,  I was really trying to figure out how I could build a time machine and delete every bad thing I ate over the past year…or at least the tater tots and Mai Tais from Friday night. But that’s not it y’all. The icing on the cake (might as well use a food reference) was Sunday when we tried on bridesmaid dresses. LOL, listen. My soul hurts. It really felt like my self-esteem was an old friend waving goodbye to me in that dressing room.

You know that awkward stage, where none of your clothes fit the way you’d like, but you can’t afford new ones, so you eat your feelings and gain more weight? That’s me right now.
Weight Won't Wait - The Palmetto Peaches

I see a fair share of weight loss and #HealthyLifestyle pictures on Instagram, mainly from teatox and waist trainer distributors, but still. Sometimes they motivate me, but most of the time all I can really think is, “Dang, I should’ve done something sooner. I’d be that size by now.” In 2010, I tried on some jeans in Target and I felt a lot like I did when trying on those bridesmaid dresses. Weeks later, I joined Weight Watchers. During that time, Facebook was my main source of communication and Twitter was still new to me. So, social media didn’t play the main role in my inspiration.

I tried to sit down to think of all the things that have changed in my life over the years. (The list is depressing and energy draining, but I do have plans to share it with you.) I used to be a concealer wearing, lowkey beauty product addict, with legit daily and nightly routines. These days, my make-up skills are basic and so are my routines. WHEN DID I LET MYSELF GO?!?
Weight Won't Wait -The Palmetto Peaches

Weight Watchers was the first method I actually tried, so I’m not claiming to be a yo-yo dieter. However, I have gone back and forth between “I want to lose weight!” and “Ok, I’ll lose it next year!” more times than I’m willing to admit. Whatever motivation I had during my first weight loss journey, needs to make its way back into my life immediately! It’s starting to feel like the weight won’t wait on me to have another a-ha moment.

At this point, I’m just looking for a few words of advice. If you’ve taken a weight loss adventure (or made any positive lifestyle changes) in the past, how did you stay patient and on track? Leave a comment or tweet me with your tips, please!


Health is Wealth (Guest Post)

Guest post by Krystal Angelique.

I’m currently lying in bed with my 2 year old who is doing what I’m going to call Reiki, for sake of a reference term, on me. She’s got her warm little hand on my arm with her eyes closed, taking deep breaths. I can feel the pulsing in her fingers. She is 2, and I know this would not be going down if I fed her chemical laden foods, refined sugars and protein teeming with hormones. It’s times like these that I am reminded of why I switched to the lifestyle that I did.

My Health is Wealth Journey

My healthy, clean eating and living journey started when I conceived my first daughter. I was constantly reading and researching and cross referencing and making notes of things. I wanted my baby to be 100% certifiably pure and I knew that I had to change the way I ate. Without getting into novel sized detail, I’ll say that I made a cold turkey decision and commitment to my child in the womb, to myself, my lover and to my children to come that I would be consciously aware of what I put into my body.

In this day and age though where grapes are cotton candy flavored and the words, “natural flavor” can mean just about anything, I’m glad I made the switch. My toddler’s idea of a sweet is a golden kiwi from New Zealand and my baby girl just had wheat grass, kale and blueberries for dinner, with a big ole gummy smile. It doesn’t get any better than that.

A question I’m frequently asked is, “Why?

This side by side is why. The photo on the left is me in 2007 as a heavy meat, dairy and starch eater with makeup on, in high school. The photo on the right is me a few days ago, on a plant based diet with no makeup on. Our skin cells replace themselves every 2-3 weeks. It is important to have some nice oxygenated cells for the skin to regenerate with.

Health is Wealth--The Palmetto Peaches -

Health is Wealth – pH

I hold a personal belief as it pertains to health and wellness: what goes in dictates what comes out. Newborns are born with a pH of 7.4. I also know if my body has a pH of 5 or lower, I can’t even assimilate any beneficial nutrients I would be consuming if I ate something nutritious. Babies are the purest form of human I know, so I base what I eat off of what will keep me in an alkaline state like a baby. It’s been said that disease cannot live in a state of alkalinity, and while I cannot certify it for anyone else, I can certify it as truth as it pertains to my experience. There are numerous sources on the web which list alkaline forming and acid forming foods as a guide. Here’s one of my favorites:

Health is Wealth--The Palmetto Peaches
Source: Pinterest

Function Optimally

Health and Wellness for me is all about commitment to oneself to function optimally.  As the familiar saying goes, “when you know better, you do better”. That’s it for me. If I know the water is full of toxins, I’m going to get the best water I can find to nourish my precious vessel. If I know refined flours and sugars have the potential to be the death of me, I’m going to run like hell. Fire is fun to play with for a while but when that burn comes, it hurts.

As a mother, I witness monkey see monkey do first hand. My daughter copies everything we do. Because she witnesses healthy eating and living from us, she willingly chooses zucchini noodles and broccoli, avocado and bananas among other things. We encourage eating the rainbow. One of my favorite things about life right now is being afforded days full of experiments in the kitchen meeting my toddler’s outlandish food demands in a creatively healthy way.  Why eat naturally flavored products, when you can eat the pure thing the flavor mocks?

This lifestyle has afforded me so many joys. I’ve been fortunate enough to give birth to both of my daughters in the peace of my home. I have clarity of mind. I breathe more easily than I used to. My skin is clearer and so many doors to be creative continuously open.

Health is Wealth--The Palmetto Peaches -

100% pure cranberry juice with local organic honey

Health is Wealth--The Palmetto Peaches

Green salad with cherry tomato, celery, squash and tabbouleh. Dressed with red wine, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.


Put one foot in front of the other and stride toward alkalinity. It takes dedication and a bit of diligence, but your body will thank you. And when the pineapple juice starts seeping out your pores instead of sweat..then it’s really on and poppin! 😉

Thanks for reading,

Love, big hugs & kisses to you all!

Krystal Angelique
Health is Wealth--The Palmetto Peaches

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