Music Midtown 2015 Recap

Music Midtown was this past weekend (Sept. 18 & 19). I prepped you with a Music Midtown Countdown and playlist last month and now I’m back with a recap and some video footage from my favorite sets. The weather was perfect and although I didn’t see everyone that was on my list – I saw my “must-sees” and they did not disappoint. Sadly, I only caught little a bit of Elton John as the crowd in front of his stage was ridiculous.

Music Midtown 2015 Recap - The Palmetto Peaches -


With his man-bun and a guitar that had a gas can as the body – Hozier delivered an amazing live show. A few months ago, I had only heard “Take me To Church” (which he slayed live) until I heard a clip of “Work Song”. I immediately put his album on rotation and fell in love with his voice. He absolutely sounds just like his record when singing live and not a lot of artists can say that today. With his haunting voice, he preformed “Like Real People Do”, “To Be Alone” a cover of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Ariana Grande’s “Problem” as the sun began to set over Piedmont Park.


Although I’m still mad at Drizzy for ruining Serena’s historical moment I had to forgive him after putting on such an amazing show on Friday night. His energy in combination with the crowd’s energy made an incredible performance.  He moved from “Trophies”  to “Hold on, We’re Going Home”, to “Over”. The crowd almost overpowered him as we rapped along to “The Motto” and his verse from “Tuesday”. “Worst Behavior”, “0 to 100”, “All Me”, “Know Yourself”, and “Back to Back”  (the latter four are in my video) were other favorites of mine.  Near the end of his set – he announced his mixtape with Future would be released before the end of the weekend and boom it came out last night. To end the night with a bang (pun intended) he had fireworks at the end of the set. So you win Drake.

Billy Idol

I won’t lie to you. I don’t know all of Billy Idol’s catalog, but I was prepared for him to rip off his shirt (it did indeed come off) and give a good show. The British rocker is almost 60 and proof that age ain’t nothing but a number. He showed off those abs and killed it while the crowd howled “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding” back to him.

Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco makes me think of high school and although Brendon Urie is the only original member left, Panic! delivered.  The set included “Ballad of Mona Lisa”,  “Hallelujah”  and “Miss Jackson”. Urie joked that the band had just written a song backstage they wanted to preform — cue an excellent cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (which you can find in the video below). Bravo Panic! Bravo.

Lenny Kravitz

Holy mesh shirt, ripped jeans and cowrie shell necklaces!! Lenny – rockin’ his sunglasses at night – was feeling the Atlanta crowd and the entire set was just this cool effortless groove. The youngin’s know him from The Hunger Games, but there were plenty of longtime fans chanting the lyrics with him and cheering on his guitar solos. The best part of the set might have been the solos from the band – his drummer (Cindy Blackman) absolutely killed it!! P.S. She’s married to Carlos Santana. The trumpet player took me to church and the saxophonist gave me chills. Some of the hits we heard were: ” Frankenstein”, “American Woman”, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”,“Dancin’ Til Dawn,” and “Always on the Run”.

Sam Smith

I left Lenny early to get a spot for Sam Smith. I’ve been excited about this performance for a long time and he slayed from the first note to the very last note. Like Hozier, Sam Smith sounded fantastic live – it was like listening to him on Spotify. The other thing I loved is he seemed so humble. He was in awe that we truly connected with his music and he was overjoyed that the crowd sang his lyrics back to him. You could tell that he was having a great time by the smile that almost never left his face.  He shared his story and the crowed roared in appreciation. As if I could love him anymore: he acknowledged that Amy Winehouse’s birthday had just passed and how much he appreciated her as an artist before launching into a cover of “Tears Dry on Their Own”.  Smith sang another cover “Can’t Help Falling in Love” that made the audience hang on to every note. Other hits sung: stripped down version of “Latch” (see it in the video), “Lay Me Down”, “Money on My Mind”, “Like I Can” and the smash “Stay With Me” (also in the video).

So that’s it people – my Music Midtown recap. I’m a little hoarse, but it was worth it. Have you seen any of these artists live? Were you at Music Midtown? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Labor Day Playlist

Happy Labor Day folks!

Stop freaking out, Labor Day is not the end of summer. It maybe the last summer holiday, but we still have a few weeks left in the season. And if you live in an obnoxiously hot city like Charleston–you’ll still enjoy a few beach days in October too. Before making this playlist, I had to Google Labor Day to make sure I was on the right page with what was being celebrated. Don’t judge. I’m that person giving the side-eye to your drunk Memorial Day pictures.

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. (U.S Dept. of Labor)

Nothing says, “You’re welcome for my hard work” like your auntie’s potato salad and old-school, reggae and hip-hop jams. I don’t know about you, but my family is always down for a good turn up–as long as there’s music…and food.

Here’s a little something to get your beach day, cookout or much needed day at home started.

Labor Day Playlist - The Palmetto Peaches -

From Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding to Fetty Wap and Future, this Labor Day playlist can start a Soul Train line or two. (Warning some of my songs are explicit, because I’m clatchet = classy ratchet.)

Hope you have a happy and safe holiday! Please bring out some other dance moves besides the Whip and Nae Nae!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Countdown To Music Midtown

I love music and I love a good music festival. One thing I really appreciate about Atlanta is the vibrant and diverse music scene.  Music Festival Season is still going strong (although colliding with football season) with One Music Fest and Music Midtown happening next month. Headliners for this year’s Music Midtown festival are Elton John, Drake, Van Halen and Sam Smith. My reaction when the lineup was revealed:

Music Midtown Playlist- The Palmetto Peaches

Now throw in Hozier, Lenny Kravitz, Elle King, Panic! at the Disco, Vance Joy, Billy Idol, X Ambassadors and Icona Pop! You can see the full lineup here.

My ticket for Music Midtown should be arriving any day now and I’ve been listening to the full catalog of many of the artists in preparation. No one wants to be the girl who only knows the word to the current radio single, right?! So I’ve put together a Music Midtown playlist that includes some hidden album gems and some well-known songs you may not realize you know. Wait what? For example, I mentioned Hall and Oates to Ace and she said she didn’t know who they were. It’s okay, if you don’t either, but I think you’ve heard them before. If you have seen 500 Days of Summer (hi, JGL) you’ve heard them before (this is just one of many places this song has been featured).


Aha, you say. So hopefully you can jam out to this playlist and discover some new or old songs to add your favorites.


Music Midtown Playlist - The Palmetto Peaches -

Music Midtown Playlist



Did you discover any new songs or realize maybe you knew some songs by artists that you don’t usually have in rotation? Leave a comment below.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Go Girl It’s Your Birthday – Birthday Playlist

Hi! My name is Donni and I’ll be turning 26 tomorrow. Is 26 considered “late twenties” or can I still claim mid-twenties until next year? My golden birthday was super exciting. I was turning a quarter of a century (I actually hate when people say that), my insurance rate was going down, and I was still on a Beyoncé high from having been to the On the Run Tour. This year the most monumental thing I could look forward to is being kicked off my parent’s health insurance plan. Thankfully, I have my own. Even my Dad called me earlier this week to remind me of how old I’ll be. 26…Don… Geez… I remember when you were 6 and used to trick me to going to Toys R Us.  Here’s the thing, I LOVE birthdays – my own and other people’s – and I don’t mind getting older. I hope to be raging at my 50th. So all these comments about me getting older and the questions about me getting married are getting ignored.

Go Girl It's Your Birthday - Birthday Playlist - The Palmetto Peaches -

It’s weird to think that a mere five years ago, I was celebrating 21 by having two parties, knocking back Coco Losos like water, dancing on bars in Five Points and throwing up in a booth at Qdoba. Sorry, Mom. Tomorrow, I’m just excited to hang out with my friends and go on an 1000 ft slip ‘n’ slide. I am embracing and celebrating how much I’ve grown.  So for all my 20-somethings, I say take each birthday to recommit to being young and enjoying life. So whether you’re a Leo like me or a Sagittarius or Capricorn waiting for the end of the year for your birthday, celebrate your unbirthday with me with this birthday playlist.

We’re Gonna Celebrate (Birthday Playlist)

  1. 50 Cent – In Da Club
  2. Nicki Minaj – The Night Is Still Young
  3. Pitbull & Ne-Yo – Time Of Our Lives
  4. Trey Songz – Say Ahh
  5. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
  6. P!nk – Get the Party Started
  7. BSB – Get Down
  8. Wiz Khalifa – Young, Wild and Free
  9. ShopBoyz – Party Like a Rockstar
  10. 2 Chainz – Birthday Song
  11. Avicii –  Levels
  12. Selena Gomez – Birthday
  13. P!NK – Raise Your Glass
  14. Rihanna – Birthday Cake
  15. Lady Gaga – Just Dance
  16. Ke$ha – We R Who We Are
  17. Fun. (Feat. Janelle Monáe) – We Are Young
  18. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  19. Kings of Leon-Birthday
  20. Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
Because a birthday playlist isn’t complete without Stevie Wonder!

If you’ve already had your birthday this year tell me what you did. If you haven’t celebrated yet tell me what your plans are – big party? Travel? What is your birthday song?  Leave a comment below or tweet me @PalmsInATL!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

4th of July Playlist

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!! I’m sure your day will likely include BBQs, fireworks, (and beer) today, so I’ve pulled together a patriotic playlist that will please lovers of rock, rap, pop or country.

4th of July Playlist - The Palmetto Peaches -

4th of July Playlist

  1. Party in the U.S.A. x Miley Cyrus
  2.  Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) x Big & Rich
  3. Crazy in Love x Beyonce
  4. I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) x Icona Pop
  5. Empire State of Mind x Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
  6. American Woman x Lenny Kravitz
  7. American Kids x Kenny Chesney
  8. American Idiot x Green Day
  9. Firework x Katy Perry
  10. American Boy x Estelle
  11. Cruise feat. Nelly x Florida Georgia Line
  12. Talk A Walk x Passion Pit
  13. Brown Eyed Girl x Van Morrison
  14. Made in America x JayZ and Kanye West
  15. Living In America x James Brown
  16. Country Girl (Shake It For Me) x Luke Bryan
  17. We Can’t Stop x Miley Cyrus
  18. Wagon Wheel x Darius Rucker
  19. Sweet Caroline x Neil Diamond
  20. Fourth of July x Mariah Carey
  21. Fourth of July x Fall Out Boy

Also for all of those people headed to a cookout where your uncle/dad/ whoever is manning the grill is wearing these:

Check out my summertime flavor cookout playlist:


What songs would you include on your own 4th of July/ “Americana” playlist? Leave a comment below or tweet me @donnicakelsey.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

What a Day for a Daydream (Playlist)

There could’ve been a few titles for this playlist. In My Feelings was a close second, followed by Emotional Torture. I stuck with Daydream Playlist, because regardless if I’m sad, happy or angry–all roads lead to daydreaming.

  1. a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.

What goes perfectly with a good daydream? Good music, of course. By “good” music, I mean those jams that really make ya think. Although I’m always down for a good twerk session, listening to slow jams is one of my favorite distractions. Closed eyes + loud headphones = the perfect set up for an escape from reality. The more I separate myself from the present, the easier it is for me to get in the zone. That’s why it’s important to not overdo it with the sappy songs. Being in your feelings for too long could turn a good daydream into an emotional breakdown. Hence why this playlist is only 46 minutes long. Check out the songs below!

Daydream Playlist:

  1. Bump It (Part 1 & Part 2) – Erykah Badu
  2. He Can Only Hold Her – Amy Winehouse
  3. Vision of Love – Mariah Carey
  4. End of the Road – Boyz II Men
  5. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
  6. When I First Saw You – Jamie Foxx
  7. Vibrate – OutKast
  8. Sweet Thing – Rufus, Chaka Khan
  9. Some Unholy War – Amy Winehouse
  10. When Your Life Was Low – Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway

What songs are on your daydream playlist? Comment below or tweet The Palmetto Peaches at @PalmsInATL!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches