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The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care - The Palmetto PeachesI am a blogger, daughter, employee, puppy mother, friend and burgeoning #girlboss. Many of you have additional titles: mother, wife, girlfriend, fiance, boss, etc… With all of our daily responsibilities it is easy to lose sight of the importance of self care. 

Earlier this month Ace talked about the importance of having a hobby as it relates to self care, but I want to back-up a little and just talk about the importance of self care. Self care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. Without self care, we are overloaded with stress and suffer from burn-out and emotional fatigue.

Raise your hand if you’ve skipped lunch or dinner because you were overwhelmed with your to-do list.

Perhaps you stopped going to the dance class that you loved because you’re trying to make more time for a work commitment or a commitment you’ve made to help someone else. Maybe you used your daily run as your time to think and now if you sprinted to your mailbox your lungs would be on fire. When we’re stressed, self care is usually the first thing to go and that only makes our stress and anxiety worse.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned how stressed out she was. Her to-do list rivaled the never-ending CVS coupons. I mentioned to her how it might be helpful to put a little emphasis on self care before she dived into her to-do list. Her automatic response was that it would be a waste of time. I think many of us can feel that way, but I urge you to take some time to make sure you’re taking proper care of yourself so that you can take care of others or business. 🙂


11 Simple Self Care Ideas

  • Make a date with yourself. Spend an hour by yourself doing something that reinvigorates or relaxes you. This is not a time to check off something on your to-do list.  Try reading, one of your hobbies, or go see that movie that you’ve been wanting to see for the longest. It doesn’t matter what you decide, but do one thing just because it makes you happy.
  • Have a long bath or shower, sit around in your bathrobe, read magazines, or binge a couple episodes of your favorite TV show. The point is give your mind a break. This could also be your date with yourself — make a weekly thing.
  • Do a mini-declutter.
  • Stretch. 5-10 minutes to get out the kinks helps your body and mind.
  • Spend time with  friends who lift you up.
  • Eat something you enjoy. I know. I know. Bikini season is around the corner. That’s not lost on me, but I’m telling you sometimes you need that slice of pizza and extra glass of wine.
  • Praise yourself when you do something awesome.
  • Meditate. Unplug.
  • Do something that will allow you to use your creative energy.
  • Journal.  A study from the journal of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment found that journaling for 15–20 minutes helped study participants cope with traumatic, stressful, or emotional events. So beyond to-do lists write
  • Learn something new or research something you’re interested in. You may find a new class or activity that you love.

Don’t think of self care as selfishness. In order to make sure the best version of ourselves available in the multiples roles we are juggling, we have to take some time out to reset our minds and relax our bodies so that we are able to operate at full capacity.

Do you forget to take proper care of yourself? What are some things you do to exercise self care?  Leave a comment below.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

11 Hobbies You Need In Your Life

imageApril 7th marked World Health Day. Most of the time when we think of health, we think physical. But mental health is just as important. We get so caught up in taking care of our families, branding ourselves or working to pay bills, that we forget about taking the time to do the little things we enjoy.

A hobby is an activity you do for fun in your free time. Working is not a hobby. What you do to escape from working is a hobby.

If you’ve ever joined a dating website, or had a MySpace page, you’ve been asked to list your hobbies. I used to say I liked dancing and going to the beach, which was partially true. First of all, I was always dancing. Second of all, I only went to the beach once or twice a year. But can we take a second to remember when surfing the Internet was an actual hobby?


Why do you need a hobby?

To treat yo’self:

Having a hobby is like going to happy hour for a $2 cocktail after a long work day. It’s something to look forward to! If every day is a lazy day, how will you spend 5 hours on your couch without feeling guilty? However, if you’re tired from working all the time, how will you take care of other responsibilities and most importantly, yourself?

To relieve stress:

I majored in creative writing in middle and high school. That’s 7 years of writing, reading, being critiqued and drafting,…everyday. As much as I loved that school, the thrill of sitting on the porch writing in my journal slowly went away. After a few months in college, that feeling was back. I needed something to take my mind off of tests, freshman dorm drama and missing my family/friends back home. So, I started writing again, but this time for myself. In my diary, private MySpace blogs, Post-It notes–wherever I could. Only now, I was writing to release my thoughts and emotions.

To be social: Not only can you meet new people, but a hobby gives you a new topic to talk about with the people already in your life. If all of your conversations revolve around your job and the family you go home to…YOU NEED A HOBBY!

11 Hobbies You Need in Your Life

Physical Activity

Walking: Writing 2 posts a week requires more time sitting down than I thought it would. A change of scenery and fresh air is just what my brain needs after being trapped indoors for hours. Add my favorite songs, and I’m good to go! I will literally Milly Rock on any block.

Dancing: Not only can taking a dance class be a way to meet other people, but it’s a fun workout! If you’re not ready to take a class, host a private 30 minute dance party in room. Need music? Check out The Palmetto Peaches’ Playlists.


Writing: I bet your long distance friends would love a hand-written letter instead of an email or text. Another thing I like to do is write things I want to say, but have no plans on actually saying. Don’t laugh, it feels amazing!

Photography: (or iPhoneography in some cases) I wanted to be a professional photographer, but realized I just enjoyed capturing moments for myself. After taking that flawless selfie, turn the camera around and take in your surroundings. Wordless Wednesday is my new reason to take and share more pictures.

Scrapbooking your squad’s memories: Ah, the good ole days of printing pictures at Wal-Mart to add them to decorated scrapbook pages. Facebook albums are great, but are you going to leave your log-in info with your kids and grandkids? Nah. Make it a hobby to start printing those pictures again to save memories.

Watching documentaries: Binge watching tv shows is easily one of my favorite things to do, but if you’re looking for a way to get the brain cells bumpin–watch something informational/educational. Next week, I’m trading in Nurse Jackie for Misty Copeland’s A Ballerina’s Tale.


Meditating: The great thing about meditation is that it can last a few minutes or a few hours. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know I dabble in the meditation scene. After all this time, I still haven’t mastered it, but every Namaste takes me closer. All you need is a quiet space and a mantra.
Volunteering: One way to count your blessings and take a minute from your busy schedule is to give back. Find out which events are going on in your city that need extra hands. Also contact your local shelters or non-profit organizations to see what opportunities they have. I’ve volunteered at elementary schools, basketball tournaments and even festivals (yes for free entry!).

Studying Astrology: I can’t speak for everyone, but I read my horoscope daily. I’m also not afraid to ask, “Aye girl, what’s yo sign?” 5 minutes after meeting someone for the first time. So if you’re curious about zodiac risings and moons, learning about astrology maybe the hobby for you!

Listening: Audiobooks and Podcasts are the bee’s knees! Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to physically hold a book, or sit up to watch TV. I simply press play on my iPhone or Amazon Fire, and the fun begins. If it’s your first audiobook, start with something that takes about 4-5 hours to listen to.

Making sugar scrubs: This one is a little random, so I casually put it at the end of the list. I made sugar scrubs one year for Christmas gifts, and ended up keeping them all for myself. They’re quick and cheap to make, and your skin will love it. Here’s the recipe I used from Love Grows Wild.
This list could go on forever. Whatever you decide to do, set aside a few hours a week to do it! Having a hobby is good for you, and the people around you. What are your favorite hobbies, and how do you find time for them? Comment below or tweet me @PalmsInATL!

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches