Simplify Your Life Week – Blog Roundup

I recently learned that the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. Now I know there are national days and weeks for just about everything, but a little late-summer simplifying will be a great excuse to declutter as fall approaches. However, as I talked about in the minimalism challenge simplifying your life isn’t just about removing the physical clutter out of your closets and cabinets. Minimalism pushes us to examine our lifestyle and eliminate the things that keep us from truly enjoying life.

Simplify Your Life Week: Blog Round Up -

While there isn’t just one way to simplify your life, I’ve pulled together a list of blogs that may help you in a pursuit for a simpler lifestyle. First up are a few of my blog posts to get you started:

Minimalism 101The Art of Decluttering |  Decluttering Challenge

Simplify Your Life Week – Blog Roundup

The Minimalists 

If you’re going to start anywhere, I would suggest The Minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They’ve got books, a podcast, and a documentary that will help you understand what minimalism is all about.


Un-Fancy was one of the first blogs I found on the topic of simplifying your wardrobe. I’m still battling with this because I love clothes. However, if you’re interested in capsule wardrobes – this is the blogger for you.

Minimalist Baker

Dana and John, a wife and husband duo, create recipes that consist of 10 ingredients or less, require a single bowl or pot, or takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. Can someone say: Amen!!

Save. Spend. Splurge.

 Ok, one other area to consider simplifying – finances.  Sherry, of Save. Spend. Splurge , managed to pay off $60,000 in just 18 months. So if you’re looking to live more minimally when it comes to financial aspects this is the blog for you.


Lavendaire is a lifestyle youtuber and podcast host. She writes and vlogs about ways millennials can embrace their true potential and create their dream life. She has some great organization and minimalism videos that I love.

Happy Friday, peeps! I hope you find some of these blogs interesting and informative. If you have any favorites send them my way. 

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Just Keep Plannin’ – November Printable

I’ve got a list of planner stickers I want to create, but haven’t gotten to them yet. Sorry, planner peeps, moving is hard. Even with all my lists and organization. I’m seriously thinking about picking up a Silhouette Cameo on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  I’m just thinking about all the crafts I can make. I could even make pre-cut stickers. DIY everything!! Let me know if you have thoughts or a favorite Silhouette machine. In the meantime, I thought I would make a quick printable that many of you could benefit from for the November printable.

Menu Planner (November Printable)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Really, it’s next Thursday! This is a menu planner I created for weekly meal planning, but  it will definitely come in handy as you prepare your Friends-giving or  your traditional family feast.

Menu Planner (November Printable)- The Palmetto Peaches -

* This printable from The Palmetto Peaches is for PERSONAL — USE ONLY.
*You MAY NOT RESELL, redistribute, or claim the original or derivative designs as your own.
*If you post this on the internet, please give credit to The Palmetto Peaches and link back to our blog (, so others can obtain the resources.

You can access the .pdf file here or simply click on the picture above for the download.

 If you’re looking specifically for printable stickers check out last November’s planner stickers or head over to our planner sticker collection. Until next time!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

5 Instagram Accounts for Organization Inspo

5 Instagram Accounts for Organization Inspo - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comI’ve been in sort of a planning rut lately. As you may know I have an Erin Condren vertical planner that I use for everyday life. I also have a Day Designer that I use for blog planning. Lately, I haven’t been using my Erin Condren for anything other than the monthly spread. I track my steps sporadically, along with big events in the weekly section. However, I haven’t used it fully since the month of July. That’s right no Washi tapes and no elaborate layouts.

Most of the time I just stick to creating to-do lists in this cute little “list makers gonna list” notebook that I found at Home Goods. As much as I love Erin Condren, I feel like I’ve lost my planner peace. In an effort to get out of my rut I went in search of organization inspo and put together a list of five planner gurus, whose feeds will make you planner nerd out.

I thought some some of my favorite planner gurus might spark my creativity and they certainly did! The organization inspo also made me realize that my search for planner peace may only come after I say goodbye to my beloved EC.

I am working with a company, PurpleTrail Planners, that is giving me an opportunity to review their line of planners. Wish me luck on finding planner peace! But don’t worry I’ll be back soon with some new stickers and fun things for all my fellow planner nerds.

5 Instagram Accounts for Organization Inspo


Christy Tomlinson offers a unique monthly planner subscription kit filled with gorgeous items. Her feed is filled with seasonal weekly planner spreads and the fun stationery your heart could ever desire. I won a gorgeous Day Designer from her that I’m going to start working on designing my own custom inserts for.


I’ve mentioned Lisamarie Landreth in my posts before because I love all things paper and glam . She has the most awesome seasonal living tips, her book club has the best suggestions for fantastic reads, and her shop has the best stickers and a very cool Glam planner she designed herself. #Goals


This isn’t a guru, but this account shares journal writing inspiration. The pictures are mainly from bullet journals, but holly cow is this feed amazing!


If you’ve ever watched a planner video on YouTube, I would bet that one of Cori Spieker’s videos popped up in the related video section. Her planner decoration is so artfully done. Cori also has a fantastic shop that I have to stay out of.


Etsy owner Shannon Leigh’s feed features amazing spreads mad out of her own fantastic stickers and other shops she loves. Her shop is amazing and her customer service is top notch. Also, I’m so jealous of her lettering!!


Help a planner girl out! Which planner brands and layouts do you swear by? Leave a comment below!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

7 Things You Need To Do Before Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful things one can experience. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. I’ve moved more times in the past few years than some people will move in their lifetime, so I know a thing or two about the stress it brings.

7 Things You Need To Do Before Moving -- The Palmetto Peaches

There are a long list of things I’d rather do than move again, but Mercury is in retrograde so I’m being extra careful of what I wish for. If there’s one thing I learned during my last move, it’s that having a plan makes your moving process a lot less stressful. If you’ll be relocating soon, here are 7 tips to use to get your household on the track to a less stressful move.

7 Things You Need To Do Before Moving

  1. Gather your friends and family to help you move. Get the water, beer and snacks on deck to bribe your loved ones to help. I hate moving enough to avoid asking for help so I don’t have to return the favor. I’m petty, but honest. However, the more help you have, the easier it is for everyone.
  2. Schedule days for designated tasks. You will burn out trying to do everything in one day. Try to set aside certain days for certain tasks. Regardless of the amount of stuff you think you have, 24 hours is not enough time to pack, clean, load and unload.
  3. Research your new area. Where’s the closest bar? Is there a corner store? How many annoying, loud dogs live in your neighborhood? Ya know, stuff like that.
  4. Change your address. It sounds like a no-brainier, but my PayPal card is currently on it’s way to the wrong address. Address changes includes forwarding your mail, changing your address on your online accounts and actually telling people you moved.
  5. Make copies of your new keys. I’ve been locked out of the house more times than necessary from leaving my keys in the hands of my nephews. Make enough keys for everyone old enough to be responsible for it, and a few extra for trusted family members and friends. Donni had a key to my house in college, and I currently have a copy of hers. Yes, we live in 2 different states.7 Things You Need To Do Before Moving -- The Palmetto Peaches
  6. Use this opportunity to get rid of unnecessary belongings and get organized. There’s a rainbow after the storm. Moving is a way to get rid of things you probably never needed in the first place. Think of it as a fresh start.
  7. Prepare to be a neighbor. Remember the days when neighbors actually knocked on your door to say ‘hi’ or to borrow sugar? Me either. Haha, kidding. Introduce yourself before officially moving into your new place. Even if they don’t feel like they’re the type to help you unload, or water the plants while you’re on holiday vacation, at least you have the chance to pick up on their vibes.

What tips for moving do you have?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

7 Organization Tips for College Students

7 Organization Tips for College Students - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comIt’s back-to-school season and I want to help all of our college-aged readers get organized this semester. Yes, I graduated from undergrad five years ago and graduate school almost four years ago. So there’s reason to argue that I don’t have any relevant advice to give. However, organization is my thing.

7 Organization Tips For College Students

Keep a planner or use some sort of calendar system. Surprise, surprise. I’m recommending a planner. Before I knew who Erin Condren was or discovered her planners, I used a regular old Staples planner to keep track of all my classes, assignments, social plans, Alpha Phi Omega events and work schedule. Figure out what works best for you to keep track of all your classes and events in one central location. Color coding is an effective way to do so so you can track one particular topic at a glace. For example, if all of your journalism class assignments and dates are green and your sorority recruitment events are magenta, they’ll be easy to distinguish.

Save all your syllabi. This is your road map to your semester. Keep a digital copy and print one out and leave it in the front of your binder. If due dates or assignments change, make note of it right away. Transfer all relevant dates into your planner or calendar so that you can see how assignments overlap in your other courses.  I remember one time I didn’t notice that the Thursday location of my Tuesday- Thursday class was different.  Also be sure to highlight the professor’s and TA’s office hours.

Make an assignment list. When I was taking six classes, keeping an assignment list kept me sane. Gather your syllabi together and make one long sheet of every day that an assignment is due. Because I love a printable, I’ve created a free assignment tracker for you all. Excel is your friend and you can make a customized tracker that also fits your needs.

7 Organization Tips for College Students - The Palmetto Peaches -

Figure out your most productive time. Figure out what time of the day you are the most productive and schedule your work around that time. If you’re an early riser- arrange your schedule to get most of your work done then.

Organization tools

Set time goal. Back in my University 101 class freshman year, we learned about the Pomodoro Technique, a  productivity method from the 1980s. In this technique you:

  1. Decide what your task is (e.g. write English essay, proof history paper, etc.)
  2. Set the Pomodoro or timer to 25 minutes
  3. Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
  4. Take a short break anywhere between 3-5 minutes
  5. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break of 15 – 30 minutes

  Use or your phone to try the technique.

Limit time spent on websites to procrastine.  SelfControl  or Stay Focused are tools that keep you from accessing websites like Facebook,Twitter, or Buzzfeed when you should be working on that paper that’s due. These are both free and you can customize them to block yourself from whatever website you may want to browse in an effort to procrastinate.

Most importantly…

Don’t forget self-care. SLEEP. Take time out for a yoga or a dance class. Join the Quidditch team or any other intramural sport that might give you a little reprieve. College can be hard, so don’t forget to take time to take care of  yourself.

Do you have any tips to share with college students? Leave them in the comments below!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Planner Addict

Hi! My name is Donni and I am a planner addict/planner nerd. Yes, I love my Google calendar, but I absolutely love a good old-fashioned paper and pen planner. I’m currently using the 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner and the Day Designer for blog planning. I’ve had one or two people ask me about how I use my planner so I’ve filmed a plan with me video which you can find below.  But first, I have a few organization/planner tips for you:

  1. Set aside a specific time each week for planning.  Sunday is my planning day. In between meal prep, I sit down with my planner and planner accessories and figure out a plan of attack (no pun intended) for the week ahead.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.  I love looking at Pinterest for planner inspiration and I follow a lot of fabulous planner ladies on Instagram. However, I learned quickly that not everyone’s planning system will necessarily work for you.  Don’t be afraid to try different planners, layouts, stickers, etc. until you find what work’s best for you. I was stuck on horizontal planners until I switched over to my Life Planner and now vertical layout planners are my favorite.  Planner peace is achievable.
  3. Build up your accessory collection! Beware of Etsy! There are soooo many cute shops with dozen of items you will feel you need for your planner. You will be tempted to buy everything, but I would suggest taking your time and building up your collection. If you’re a planner newbie, you may discover that stamps fit your aesthetic more. So now what are you going to do with the 300 stickers you have coming in from various shops?
  4. Your planner can be more than a planner. In addition to daily planning, I’ve seen many use their planners as gratitude journals and scrapbooks. I’ve started adding movie/event tickets to my planner to add more of that scrapbooking feel.
  5.  HAVE FUN! Do I want my planner to be as gorgeous and as decked out as some of the layouts I see? Sure. But this is supposed to be a fun aspect of an organizational tool. Don’t stress about decorating your planner. If it just makes sense to leave out the washi tape, stickers and stamps – leave it out! 

Plan With Me Video

Plan With Me - Monthly Spread - The Palmetto PeachessPlan With Me - Weekly Spread- The Palmetto Peaches

If you’re a fellow planner nerd – leave a comment below or let’s chat planners on twitter! I’d love to watch your plan with me videos or see photos of your weekly layouts. And for all of my organizationally challenged peeps, let me know if you’d consider a good old-fashioned paper and pen planner.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches