Let’s Talk Natural Hair, Curl-friends +Giveaway

The Palmetto Peaches both rock natural hair. We’ve gotten some rude weird questions like:

Can I touch it? 

No, no, no. Whether you’re talking about Ace’s locs or Donni’s natural curls – the answer is NOOOOO. The answer is always no.

Do you wash it?

We’re offended. So let’s move on.

Is it real?

No, it’s imaginary. Is your hair real?

We’ll share the stories of our natural hair journeys at another time, but for now we’re excited to talk about a really cool event happening in Atlanta –  Natural Hair Mag’s Natural Health & Hair Summit.

Let's Talk Natural Hair, Curl-friends +Giveaway- The Palmetto Peaches

Natural Health & Hair Summit

The Natural Health & Hair Summit is the first natural hair event to emphasize nutrition as the base for healthy hair. This event will boast some of America’s best health and hair professionals who are experts in their respective fields. They will cover topics such as nutrition, mental health, personal development, fitness, hair care and more.


AUGUST 6, 2016

Where: Georgia International Convention Center

2000 Convention Center Concourse Atlanta, GA 30337

Price: $20 Early Bird Registration (We’ll keep you updated when the ticket prices change.)

Ends June 20, 2016


Speakers include:Tonya (Sole’) Johnston, Entertainer, Health, and Fitness Guru; Jenell B. Stewart, Hair & Beauty Expert; Chef Ahki, Celebrity chef, Natural foods activist; Nubia Sutton, Reproductive Health & Raw Food Expert; Koya Webb, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach; and Doctah B., Master Herbalist and Metaphysics Practitioner.

Insert our promo code ATL1113 to receive $5 off the ticket price.

That’s right only $15 for this great event. Visit http://www.nhmsummit.com for more information and to purchase your tickets.

Is a ticket to the summit not in your budget, because you spent too much on new hair products? Fear not naturalistas and health and wellness lovers, we’ve teamed teamed up with Natural Hair Mag to giveaway some free tickets to two of our curl-friends. See below for details.


Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peachesand Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

3 Replies to “Let’s Talk Natural Hair, Curl-friends +Giveaway”

  1. My hair is natural too and it’s incredibly insulting when people assume that they can touch it or that it isn’t real because “it’s too long” or that I’m “dark skinned”. I understand that some black women wear wigs or weaves or relax their hair and that’s fine. It’s their choice but the assumptions people make about us as a whole are so out of line.

    Events like this are great for the community and for education.

    Monika recently posted…#VRxLove: Dora from Bangs BangMy Profile

    1. I was blind to the hair drama until I got older. Growing up, I was one of those people who would’ve wondered if your hair was real, and/or about your race, because I assumed there was only one way to look or be Black. *facepalm* They say ignorance is bliss. I’m excited to learn a few things at the summit, so I can educate the people who still assume!

      Maybe we should write a joint post on our hair experiences soon? ?

  2. Great post! Black hair is always a “touchy” subject. How was the event? #browngirlbloggers

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