Happy Birthday, planner peeps! – July Planner Stickers

Happy Friday, folks. I had to take a mental health day, but I’m back with a Freebie for my planner peeps. You may not know, but July 25th is my birthday. *Cues birthday playlist* I love birthdays and not just my own! So in honor of my obsession with bdays, this month’s planner freebie is all about birthday celebrations. There are half box countdown stickers along with some functional checklists to help you plan around your special day. I went with some fun summery sorbet-like colors, but I think I may do this set in a few other colors as well.

P.S. Last month’s functional stickers got a lot of downloads. So glad so many different planners were able to utilize them. I’ll keep that in mind moving forward.

Happy Birthday, planner peeps!- July Planner Stickers (Printable)

 July Planner Stickers Printable - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

*UPDATE 7/18* Hey everyone. I realized that one of the countdown stickers was missing. I’m so sorry. I’ve uploaded a new file, but I’m not going to change the thumbnail.

Simply print this file on full sheet sticker paper and cut out your stickers.

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You can access the .pdf file here or simply click on the picture above for the download.

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Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches