7 Questions People With Unique Names Hate Answering

Unique names are bittersweet. While being the only *insert name here* on Facebook is great, the headache that comes along with it isn’t. Folks with unique names have no choice but to be great: Beyoncé, LeBron, Oprah, Acecily, Donnica — to name a few. We have to be great to forget all the stress and annoying questions we get in our daily lives.

7 Questions People with Unique Names Hate Answering - The Palmetto Peaches

On top of never finding a souvenir, and giving a fake name to the Starbucks barista, there are several questions we are tired of answering.

7 Questions People With Unique Names Hate Answering

  1. “Did your mama really give you that name?”

    In my head I usually respond with, “Did your mama teach you to mind your business?” OLC people try to avoid calling me Ace because it’s a “man’s name”. K…7 Questions People with Unique Names Hate Answering - The Palmetto Peaches

  2. “Does it mean something, or did your parents make it up?”

    This one isn’t too bad. I appreciate genuine concern about my life, but just know that sometimes folks with unique names get this question A LOT. If I’m being introduced to new people at an event or bar, I answer hear question at least 5 times. Depending on my mood, the response changes.

  3. “Are you from here?”

    Because Americans can’t have names originated in other countries, I guess.7 Questions People With Unique Names Hate Answering - The Palmetto Peaches

  4. “Can I call you something else? I can’t say that.”

    Can you not?

  5. “Why is it spelled that way?”

    The same reason you’re so nosy. That’s an awful comeback, but whatever.

  6. “Can you break it down into phonics for me?”

    Okay, so no one has ever asked me that, technically. It really just reminds me of having to write the phonetic spelling of my name during my college graduation. Long story short, the announcer BUTCHERED it.

  7. “Is it hard for you to find souvenirs?”

    The fact that someone has to ask that should basically answer the question. Yes, it is hard. In fact, I’ve NEVER seen a keychain, t-shirt or Coke can with my the same name on birth certificate.

Do you have a unique name? What questions are you tired of answering?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

5 Replies to “7 Questions People With Unique Names Hate Answering”

  1. #5 is what I get ALL the time lol. I have a love/hate relationship with my name, but I’ve definitely grown to love it more and more over the years.

    1. I knew you’d understand the struggle. Haha.

  2. With a unique name like mine, I have gotten many, many mispronunciations. I get #2 quite a bit!! When my husband and I started dating, his dad asked if I was foreign…

    1. Sometimes I’m surprised with what people come up with! Thank you for reading.

  3. With the name Brita (bree-tuh), I can relate to most of this list. No one asks me where I’m from, though (white privilege?). I definitely wrote out a very detailed pronunciation guide for my college graduation, but the speaker did get it right. I’m so sorry yours didn’t–that’s the worst.

    A few times my mom would buy me souvenirs with my middle name if she was getting them with my brother’s first names. The thought was nice, but no, I didn’t want a bunch of stuff with my middle name on it.
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