My Realistic Fall Bucket List

My Realistic Fall Bucket List -- The Palmetto Peaches

It feels like every fall and summer I make a super cute, seasonal bucket list. Well this year I’m being real with myself. As much as I claim to love the fall, it puts me in the weirdest mood. Not sure if it’s the gloomy weather, or realizing the year is coming to an end–but ya girl is already spent and it’s only October. So instead of dreaming of hay rides and apple picking, I’m taking a self-care approach and making a realistic fall bucket list.

My Realistic Fall Bucket List -- The Palmetto Peaches

My realistic fall bucket list includes:

Not jumping in a pile of leaves like I say I’m going every year. Thanks to my aggressive allergies, this would’ve been great for the gram but not my nostrils. The only thing I really want to jump in this fall is my bed, and maybe a new career…Idk.

Not wasting my time on things or people who don’t serve me. As I usually say when I don’t want to ramble, “this is another story for another day”. I’m getting a head start on this before the new year, who dis? mindset makes an appearance in January.

Avoiding Fright Night. Other than being scary in real life, I went a few years ago with my family and we were unimpressed. We were more entertained by people watching and taking bets on who would be the first to faint. It’s bittersweet to report that no one fainted.

My Realistic Fall Bucket List — The Palmetto Peaches

Indulging in a fall cocktail. Not a super fancy one. Honestly, I’ll probably walk across the street and enjoy an apple pie martini or pumpkin pie shot as soon I post this.

Participating in the Deepak meditation experience. The 21-day challenge starts October 29th, and will focus on having a youthful spirit. I think this will be good for me this season, since it seems like this time of the year drains me.

What are you realistically getting into this fall? What are some things you’ve already done this fall that you didn’t think you would? Comment below or tweet me @PalmsInATL.

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