It’s a Pawty! – 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

It's A Pawty - 5 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Yikes, it’s been awhile. Life has been busy and it’s really because I forgot how to say no. My planner kept getting filled with tasks and the thing that I would skip over was a blog post. 

But you know what could get my fingers tapping on this keyboard: Sgt. Pepper’s birthday! My fur baby is 5 years old today. Yes, I’m one of the many crazy  perfectly sane dog mamas that takes celebrating their dog’s birthday very seriously. (Shout out to the dog dads and cat parents out there that do the same.) Here’s the thing: dogs make us happy, give us unconditional love, and reduce our stress levels by comforting us during tough times.

They can also stick to you like velcro, take over your bed, and their fur becomes an accessory. Regardless, I love my little guy and love to spoil him even more than I usually do on his birthday. Pep and I have a tradition to get a new toy – he picks one out all by himself- and then go to Brewster’s for a doggie ice cream. So in my best Waka Flocka Flame voice: It’s a pawty, it’s pawty!

Here are 5 ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday:

It’s a Pawty! – 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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It’s a Pawty! - 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday - The Palmetto Peaches -

1. Bake your dog a pupcake

A super fun and easy way to celebrate your dog’s birthday is by baking them a doggy birthday cake or perhaps just some homemade treats. There are a bunch of cake mixes created specifically for dogs that are safe, healthy and tasty. I’ve linked a few of them (along with fun cake shaped toys) for you below.

If you prefer treats over cake check out this super simple recipe I posted on the blog ages ago.

2. Take a Trip to a Park or Restaurant Patio

Let the birthday pup run free at a park – or venture to the water.  Just be sure to watch closely, you never know the temperament of other pups.  Another option is to hit up a dog-friendly restaurant. Some places have menus specifically for pups!  If you are looking for a new dog-friendly place for your pup, check out the directory, Bring Fido.

3. Celebrate with a New Toy

Everyone likes presents and your pup is no different. Whether your pup prefers tennis balls, Kongs or squeaky toys, there’s no better reason than lil (which can also be big) fur baby’s birthday to hit up the pet supply store.  

4. Throw a Doggie Birthday Pawty!

Now I personally haven’t done this, but it’s on my list. Last summer a woman at my apartment threw her dog a 13th birthday party at our bark park. She posted flyers around the community and every dog received a toy and a treat. She even had cupcakes for the humans. So invite some of your friends and family over (along with their friendly dogs) to celebrate. You can serve dog friendly cake, give out “doggie bags” filled with treats & goodies, and play some fun doggie games.

5. Donate to a shelter.

Shameless plug because I volunteer at an amazing animal shelter. While it’s amazing that you are spoiling your furry best friend, countless numbers of animals are still waiting for their special human to do the same. Find a local shelter and volunteer or donate in the name of your pet.  P.S. all the cute chonks in the image for this post are looking for their furever homes and are adoptable from LifeLine Animal Project.

P.S. Here’s my good boy:


Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Let me know how in the comments below!