Swipe Left: Dating App Deal Breakers

Globally, over 200 million people use digital dating services every month. Yes, 200 million!!! Today, while some of you are getting ready for your Valentine’s Day dates or snuggling with your significant other – throw some good vibes the way of your single friends who are still swiping to find love.  We personally both use […]

7 Things A Food and Bev Server Will Understand

7 Things A Food and Bev Server Will Understand -- The Palmetto Peaches

Despite what you’ve heard, being a server is a tough job. As long as you’re sitting in our section, we’re responsible for your happiness and your lives–if you want to get technical. Every time I try to leave the service industry, something keeps calling me back. Maybe it’s the money, maybe it’s the family atmosphere […]

Black Girl Magic: Exploring My Healing Powers

I was about 8-years-old when I discovered healing powers. One night I was having excruciating stomach pain. My mama grabbed her blessing oil, and wiped it onto my forehead in what felt to be shaped like a cross. Minutes later, the pain was gone. That wasn’t the last time I needed that same oil for pain. Fast forward to […]