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30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before My 30th Birthday

The one month countdown to my 30th birthday officially begins today! Between Mercury Retrograde and my love for the 19th day of January, my birthday is never “simple”. This year I hoped to celebrate this milestone at Disney World, but my bank account had other plans. So instead of throwing the whole day in the trash, I decided to make a bucket list to help finish the last month of my 20s in good spirits.

30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before 30 -- The Palmetto Peaches

Some of the things on this list actually scare me, like watching a movie I’ve been afraid of since childhood and making phone calls.Others involve spreading good vibes to myself and those around me. I will try my hardest to update this post as I complete things.

30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before My 30th Birthday

  1. Give 30 compliments to 30 people.

  2. Write and mail a letter.

  3. Get a tattoo.

  4. Watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

  5. Attempt to cook an edible meal.

  6. Celebrate Kwanzaa.

  7. Make a list of 30 things I’m thankful for.

  8. Write a poem.

  9. Catch up with an old friend.

  10. Get a self-portrait taken.

  11. Donate $30 to a cause.

  12. Write a letter to myself.

  13. Go crabbing.

  14. Spend a day with my nephews.

  15. Stay off social media for 30 hours.

  16. Make a list of 30 lessons I’ve learned.

  17. Invest in Bitcoin.

  18. Sing karaoke.

  19. Paint my nails.

  20. Read (or listen to) a book.

  21. Start a scrapbook.

  22. Play 5 games from my childhood.

  23. Go to an oyster roast.

  24. See a movie alone, in a theater.

  25. Take a 30-minute walk.

  26. Attend a wine or tequila tasting.

  27. Call 30 friends or family members to say “I love you”.

  28. Use a disposable camera.

  29. Play laser tag.

  30. Celebrate 30 years with my loved ones.

Use the hashtag #30DaysWithAce to get updates and backstories on the 30 things that made the list. What would you add to your birthday countdown bucket list?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs Some TLC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for some people. The holidays bring lots of love and cheer, but that doesn’t stop anxiety and depression from making an appearance. Aside from the family and life related things that make us want to curl-up under a rock, the cold and gloomy weather makes it harder to deal with daily struggles. Nope, money can’t buy happiness–but it sure can buy things that help put a smile on our faces.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

The Palmetto Peaches are huge fans of self-care, and all things #TreatYoself related. So this list wasn’t hard to create. (I basically copy and pasted my Christmas list.)

9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs TLC

Affirmation cards.

Thoughts become things, and affirmations can help shift a negative mindset to a positive one. If you want to get crafty, here are 5 affirmations you can use to create your own cards!

I always focus on the positive.

Nothing in life is worth the price of worry.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

Today, I wake up with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.

I radiate beauty, charm and grace.

Sage wand.

Bye negative energy, byeeee. Sage is used for relaxation and cleansing. Perfect to help burn all the bad vibes from 2017, and start the New Year.

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Book of quotes.

Words from a Wanderer, by Alex Elle, is a book of notes she wrote to herself. The notes I write to myself aren’t half as inspiring (or coherent), so I love reading this when I need a pep talk.

Inspirational coffee/tea mug.

They’re great to remind your friend how dope she/he is, and are cute for the Gram and Snap.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches


I’m not a tea-drinker, but my friend/former co-worker lives by it. With different flavors like apple mango sangria (um, hi) and chocolate earl grey, there’s something for the tea lover in your life. Check out more of Chelsea’s tea flavors here.


While the smell of Christmas makes me feel better, others prefer lavender and vanilla. The new candles will partner well with other self-care gift ideas like affirmation cards. Just saying.


Sometimes all wee need is a good talkin’ to, preferably from folks like Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes.


..to wear while they comfortably listen to audiobooks and drink hot tea, duh.

A good ol’ fashioned 2-hour phone call or a hug.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

What self-care gifts are on your list to give or receive? 

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Best Life Autumn: 2017 Fall Bucket List

October wouldn’t be the same without creating a fall bucket list. It’s hard enough to leave a warm bed on a fall morning, but there are festive activities that make it easier. Fall’s greatest treasures include warm drinks, the satisfying death of mosquitoes and a casual countdown to Christmas. Here are other things I’d like to do this season. 2017 Fall Bucket List -- The Palmetto Peaches

2017 Fall Bucket List

Have a family-style outdoor picnic. 

My work family and I go to brunch every weekend. It would be fun to switch things up by bringing a dish, and eating outside.

Finally drink one of the cocktails from this Fall Cocktails You Need to Try list.

It’ll be easier this year, because I’m surrounded by pumpkin pie, apple pie and candy corn vodka at work.

Visit an apple orchard.

This is on a co-workers bucket list, so I borrowed it.

Go on a hay ride. 

Bless my allergies.

Actually buy clothes for the cooler temperatures. 

Because I can’t wear the same sweatshirt everyday. I guess.
Best Life Autumn -- The Palmetto Peaches

Unplug for a long walk.

Preferably a walk that involves leaves, so I can jump in them.

Attend a wine tasting. 

We’re planning on having a wine tasting for my sister’s birthday next month. May the odds be ever in our favor.

2017 Fall Bucket List -- The Palmetto Peaches

What’s on your 2017 Fall Bucket List?  Have you done any of the things on mine?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang

Is it time for Halloween costume ideas already? Yes, yes it is. Other than pumpkin spice overload and cheesy scary movies, the best part of October is Halloween. Being able to dress up with your squad makes this holiday even better.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang

Flossy Posse (Girls Trip)

The Flossy Posse is my newest, favorite girl gang. Watch the movie, and you’ll find out why.
What you need:
Airbrushed denim vests
80’s hair-do

If you’d like to recreate the dance battle scene–just grab some colorful colorful wigs and black shades.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang -- The Palmetto Peaches

Mario & Wario (Super Mario Brothers)

Mario & Luigi is too easy, I guess.
What you need for Mario:
Denim overalls
Red shirt and cap
White gloves
Brown shoes
Mustache, if you want to fully commit

What you need for Wario:
Purple overalls
Yellow shirt and cap
White gloves
Green shoes
Mustache, if you want to fully commit

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang -- The Palmetto Peaches

The Muses (Disney’s Hercules)

Perfect excuse to walk around singing all night.
What you need:
White fabric for a toga
Gold sandals

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang -- The Palmetto Peaches

Meredith Grey & Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

Show your “person” how much you love them by dressing as this complicated duo.
What you need:
Blue scrubs
Name tags (for clarification purposes)
Optional: A bottle of tequila

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang -- The Palmetto Peaches

East Compton Clovers (Bring it On)

In a world full of Toro’s, be a Clover.
What you need:
Green Clovers uniform
Optional: orange and/or yellow bandana

5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang -- The Palmetto Peaches

Snapchat filters

Call me basic if you want, but I think this is a great/easy idea.
What you need:
Flower crown
Brown puppy ears
Black and white puppy ears
Those are my favorite filters, but there are at least 5 more to choose from.

What Halloween costume ideas would you add to this list? What group ideas have you done in the past?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle: ALA Fundraiser

I’m preparing to battle it out at the 2nd Annual Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle. My work family, aka The Voodoo Dolls, will duke it out with local Charleston celebrities to help fight lung disease. Last year’s performances included Prince, Gwen Stefani and Bruno Mars, so we have to bring the drama!

Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle -- The Palmetto Peaches

Over 33 million Americans suffer from lung disease–my mother, Cassandra, was one of them. I was 6-years-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It went away, but came back as lung cancer. Eight years later, she lost her battle. If I had to only pick two things my mom was good at–singing and dancing would top the list. So aside from team bonding and adding to my Best Life Summer list, this performance is for my mom.

Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle -- The Palmetto Peaches

Due to Hurricane Irma, the event was rescheduled from September 14th to October 11th. More time to raise money and practice our slayage! For $10, you can vote for Team Caroline and the Voodoo Dolls. If you’re in the Charleston area and would like to witness the action for yourself–purchase your ticket here. Make sure to vote and/or buy a ticket under the “Team Caroline” tab! Want to know what song we’re performing? I guess you have to wait and find out. 😉

Have you ever participated in a lip sync battle? If have, or if you could, what song would you perform?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Influenster Shimmer Vox Box Reveal

My Influenster Shimmer Vox Box arrived, and it’s lit fam. I received these products free for testing purposes for Influenster. Who doesn’t love free stuff–especially free stuff you use on a normal basis? FYI, Influenster is a space for folks to give and receive product reviews.

Influenster Shimmer Vox Box Reveal

What’s Inside

imPress Press-On Manicure

Vera Wang Embrace

SOUR PUNCH Real Rainbow Straws

Nyakio Red Ginseng Line Smoothing Eye & Lip Cream

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

Briogeo – Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

What I’ve Tried Before

With the exception of the usual SOUR PUNCH candy found in stores, I haven’t tried any of these products before. Back in the day, I’ve used a few eye creams (which were probably free with a purchase) and face masks–but nothing from the brands included in the Shimmer Vox Box.

What I’m Most Excited To Try

Ya girl loves Sour Patch kids, so I’m more than ready to rip open these Real Rainbow Straws, judge me. Since  I needed a new fragrance, I’m also excited to test the Vera Wang scent.


Dry shampoo has never been on my “things to try” list. I’m not above it, I’ve just never imagined my life without a good wash, condition and 3-hour blow dry session. These imPress nails make me a little nervous too, because the last time I wore fake nails was 2 years ago. I stayed out of the manicure game for a while, so it was a serious struggle.

Stay tuned, because I’m actually going to test all the products from my Shimmer Vox Box and spill the tea on them. If you’re interested in giving Influenster use my invite code by clicking here!

Influenster Shimmer Vox Box -- The Palmetto Peaches

Have you ever tried any of these products? Which Influenster Vox Boxes have you received or reviewed? 

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches