Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.comWhen things get stressful, I always say “I just want to live alone on an island.” Although I’ve never watched or read “Eat Pray Love”, I’m no stranger to the adventure (and reason behind the adventure). We all dream about the perfect vacation, but what would it be like to drop your life as you know it and make a great escape? I took a few minutes to share what it would be like for me. Even though I don’t have an exact destination in mind, I have a pretty good idea what I would do.

It would only be right for me to cut my locs. They say a woman who cuts her hair is about to do serious things. Plus, it’ll be awesome to have my hair grow as I’m growing on this journey.

The only items (other than clothing) coming on this trip with me would be my journal and camera. My cell phone and laptop will be okay until I return. No social media. No internet. Maybe a flip phone to let everyone know I’m alive, and in case of an emergency. But if I had to guess, the purpose of this trip would be to silence the noise around me. Even though my ultimate goal would be to learn and improve–naturally, I’d want to sleep in a room with black out curtains in complete silence. Yes, everyday–but that wouldn’t be helpful.

Eat Pray Love--The Palmetto Peaches
I’d give the vegetarian life one more chance starting with growing my own fruits and vegetables. This is funny because the only thing I’ve grown besides hair is a lima bean for a 5th grade science project. Anyway, strawberries would be at the top of my list of fruits to grow. Ya girl would just lay in a hammock eating strawberries all day. My morning coffee would be traded for hot lemon water, and pizza would be a meal at least once a week…or once a day. Of course I’d drink Barefoot Sweet Red wine before taking a barefoot walk.

I would meditate at sunrise and take naps after lunch, followed by writing a few words in my journal. A library card would replace my iPhone. Spirituality books would replace my MacBook. Everyday I’d pray to find my truest self, and for everyone in the world to do the same. I’d write 1 letter every day to someone I love, even if I never send it. The little piece of extrovert in me would want to make a new friend, with a goal to learn 1 thing about her/him everyday. In return, I’d teach them a thing or 2 about my friends and family back home. Most importantly, I’d try to stay present without thinking too much about how I got here, or where I’m going next.

With all that being said, I’m not exactly sure where this place is or how long this great escape would last. Maybe 3-4 months. Long enough for me to finally miss home, or for my hair to grow back. 🙂

If you could drop everything ride now and pull an “Eat Pray Love”, where would you go? What would you do?


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