Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Thanksgiving Edition)

Thanksgiving is almost here! The best day of the year for families to come together with overeating, football, naps and wine…lots of wine. We’re grateful for the friends and family we have in our lives to spend the holidays with, but we couldn’t help to think about what dinner would be like with icons and celebrities.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Thanksgiving Edition) - The Palmetto Peaches -

guess who’s coming to dinner? – Ace

Let me start by letting you know that as much as I love Beyoncé, I wouldn’t invite her to Thanksgiving. Mainly because I would ignore everyone else, and it would turn into a show-and-tell/private concert. Let me also point out that I’ve shared 2 Thanksgivings with Donni–so she didn’t make the cut on this list. 🙂

Maya Angelou: Bless her soul. She’s somewhere between the nosy aunt and the grandma who always has your back. I know I’m not judging a book by its cover when I say she looks like she has a few good stories to tell, because “Letter to My Daughter” and “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” are proof! Other than the fact that Maya Angelou looks like she could make a mean potato salad, she seems like the perfect person to drop knowledge at the dinner table. She’s like the one family member that could ask, “How’s life going?” and I wouldn’t have to sugar-coat it. I would tell her every little detail hoping she would recite “Still I Rise” or “Phenomenal Woman”.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches

Oprah Winfrey: Why would you not invite Oprah? She gives amazing presents and advice. With less than 2 months left in the year, I’d have a few glasses of wine and talk to Auntie O about my goals and past mistakes. Plus she might be the only person to not ask, “When are you going to have babies?” or “You planning on getting married soon?” Please just pass the stuffing and keep it moving!
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches

Robert Downey Jr. (more specifically Tony Stark): If RDJ is anything like his character in Iron Man, I’d be laughing the entire time. He’s the uncle who talks trash regardless if he’s sober or drunk.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches

Tessa Thompson: I really don’t know much about Tessa, and that’s why I’d want to have dinner with her. I’m a fan of Mississippi Damned and Dear White People, and would love to hear what it was like for her to play those roles. Tessa is like the conscious cousin who side-eyes me for drinking all the wine, but doesn’t judge. She also seems like the type to drop all the gems on the current events. The type of gems that make dope Instagram captions and Tweets.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches

Jennifer Lawrence: To be honest, I just need someone to be drunker than I am on Thanksgiving. J.Law seems like she’s the perfect candidate.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner--The Palmetto Peaches

guess who’s coming to dinner?Donni

I’m so indecisive, so my “guest list” changed no less than ten times. So obviously I’m going to invite Ace because duh! Also my unofficial invitation goes to Michael Voltaggio, season six Top Chef winner, who will also be cooking the feast.

Zendaya – Yes, the 19-year-old Disney channel star would get the first invitation to my Thanksgiving dinner. I love her! This girl is wise beyond her years and such a good role model. Do you remember her response to Giuliana Rancic’s offensive comment about her hair or what about when the internet trolls called her parents ugly. Most recently took to Instagram to call out Modeliste magazine for retouching photos in her cover story shoot. Yasss for more messages about positive body image.  On top of all that her style is amazing. We may not wear the same size, but I feel like once we become besties at dinner she’ll hook me up. Also, homegirl is sassy and makes the best faces so I’m sure we’ll lowkey laugh at the guest who gets too drunk at my dinner (ahem, Ace)!

Leonardo Dicaprio – I feel like if I gave him enough wine and added a little rum to the sweet potato pie I could get him to spill the tea on how he really feels about not having an Oscar. Maybe he’d even talk about some of the winners that ousted him. I feel like he’s got a lot of Hollywood information I could pull out of him. Most importantly, I need to hear his thoughts on whether the top ever falls over at the end of Inception.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - The Palmetto Peaches

Alvin Ailey – Alvin Ailey died a few months after I was born. However, his legacy and the work he did in the dance community made such a significant impact on my life. I remember seeing the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform when I was younger and I found the dancers so inspirational. Then I learned more about his story- how he rose from a childhood of extreme poverty (during segregation) and become a leading figure in the establishment of modern dance and a proponent of black dancers and it made me appreciate him even more. Ailey was never afraid to take chances and try new things. I would love to ask him about his inspiration for creating some of his renowned pieces and thank him for all he did for the dance world.

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  1. What an interesting list. I never would have thought of creating a celebrity list of who I would and wouldn’t invite.
    Angela Tolsma recently posted…Yes Please by Amy PoehlerMy Profile

  2. Great invitee list! I love your reasoning for each of the guests…super funny and creative! Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Dana recently posted…His and Her Guide to Surviving the Office Holiday PartyMy Profile

  3. This is so cool. I feel like this is my writing prompt for my students tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great guest lists. This is such a fun post. I would definitely love to be at either of your dinners with those groups.
    Shann Eva recently posted…Countdown to ChristmasMy Profile

  5. I would absolutely invite Jennifer Lawrence to absolutely anything she wanted to come to. HA!

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