Bachelorette Party Must-Haves

She said yes, and it’s time for you to plan a lit bachelorette party. If the thought of marriage scares you, all the fun that comes with celebrating marriage might ease your mind. Traditionally, planning a celebration to honor the bride-to-be is the job of the Maid of Honor. I’m going to be a little shady and announce that I haven’t been granted the MOH title yet, but I’ve planned 2 bachelorette parties. I’m just a dope bridesmaid, duh.

The bachelorette party planning process is a lot of work regardless of who is planning the festivities. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the bride enjoying her last fling before the ring! Here are the must-haves to remember when you plan a bachelorette turn-up.Bachelorette Party Must Haves -- The Palmetto Peaches

Bachelorette Party Must-Haves


The theme for your bachelorette party is the most important detail, after date and location. Every must-have on this list is so much cuter when it compliments the theme. You might remember the Feyoncé Weekend from last year, but this year the theme was Mickey Mouse. Nope, not Minnie Mouse…Mickey!


Shirts, koozies, tumblers, temporary tattoos — the whole shabang! This is the time to show-off your theme for the weekend.
Tip: Remember to use nicknames on your shirts, in case you want to give your fake names to strangers in the club.
Bachelorette Party Must-Haves -- The Palmetto PeachesBachelorette Party Must-Haves -- The Palmetto Peaches

Pictures and shirts by the amazing LJ Craft Life.

Social Media Presence

If you don’t have a Snapchat Filter or hashtag, did the bachelorette party really happen? I’m a huge fan of unplugging, and living in the moment, but this celebration needs some documentation. Use social media to share priceless moments with everyone missing out on the fun, and to laugh at later. Please remember to be respectful by keeping embarrassing pictures or videos to yourself, or don’t take them at all.
Tips: Set your Snapchat filters for multiple locations and for more time than you think you may need. Plans can change regardless of how far in advance you made them, so be prepared for that while setting up your filter. Visit Fiverr for custom geo-filters. Use my Fiverr referral code for a free filter or $5 off!
Bachelorette Party Must-Haves -- The Palmetto Peaches


It’s fun to play things by ear, but it’s nice to have some sort of direction–especially when you’re in a city you’re not familiar with. Add a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, dinner reservations, touristy activities to your itinerary.
Tips: Make sure you cater to what the bachelorette wants and likes. If you’re visiting a different city, try to visit places and see things that aren’t in your hometown.

Signature Cocktail

Choose a cocktail, or mocktail, that compliments your theme. Mickey mimosas was our drink of choice: champagne + orange juice + grenadine. If you don’t use Pinterest yet, planning a bachelorette party would be a good time to start!
Bachelorette Party Must-Haves -- The Palmetto Peaches

An amazing Bride Squad

Leave the party poopers and Negative Nancy’s at home. #YouCantSitWithUs The bachelorette party is one of your last chances to show the Future Mrs. why she chose you to be by her side in the first place. Don’t mess it up.
 photo IMG_0692_zpsrs39tqgy.jpg

Don’t forget to bring an open mind, patience and good vibes. This is a celebration after all! Have you ever planned a bachelorette party? What would you add to this list?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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  1. How fun. Could not agree more with the social media statement to keep embarrassing photos and videos away. Love y’all shirts.

  2. This party looks so cute! My sis is getting married next summer so I’m going to keep these tips in mind!

  3. We did a bachelorette scavenger hunt for one of my line sisters and it was super fun. I had to miss out on another sorority sister’s party earlier this year but I love a great themed drink and POSITIVE bride squad!

  4. Those shirts are too cute! Hope y’all had a good time.

    xoxo, Jenny

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