Social Media Christmas Wishes

Writing a list of social media Christmas wishes is one way I’m attempting to get in the holiday spirit. Nothing reminds me of Christmas like writing a list of things I’ll probably never get.

My Social Media Christmas Wishes - The Palmetto Peaches

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a little petty this year, but sending you a Christmas list is worth a shot. The way 2016 went, asking for World Peace is unrealistic. I still have a little faith, just not in 2016. *insert awkward laughter here*  Instead, I have a list of social media Christmas wishes that you can hopefully grant for me this year. Santa, I’m asking for these things not only as a social media manager, but as an innocent bystander.

Social Media Christmas Wishes

I want…

  1. People to stop sharing fake news from unreliable sources.
  2. On that note, I also want media outlets to stop sharing news before fact checking.
  3. To be able to turn on off Facebook Live notifications.
  4. Auto correct for “your” / “you’re”, “to” / “too” and “breath” / “breathe”. I’ve seen too many great rants get ruined by grammar mistakes.
  5. Facebook to allow media outlets to disable comments.
  6. Couples to not share Facebook personal pages.
  7. Social media users to not leave ignorant comments under posts.
  8. Businesses to stop using “friend pages”.
  9. To not get tagged in posts or pictures that don’t have anything to do with me.
  10. The pyramid and “get rich quick” schemes to end.
  11. People to not type statuses in all caps. I feel like I’m being yelled at, and I don’t need that negativity in my life.
  12. Last but not least, I want for everyone to unplug a little, and not mindlessly scroll their timelines while missing out on quality time with loved ones.

Thanks Santa! You da best.

Do you have any social media related Christmas wishes on your list? What are they?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches