Ace’s Arts Camp Is Coming To Town

If you read How to Live Your Best Life All Summer 17, you know that launching an arts camp was on my to-do list. Arts Center for Engagement (A.C.E) Summer Camp is a place for children ages 7-13 to celebrate self-love and self-acceptance through the arts.

Ace's Arts Camp Is Coming To Town -- The Palmetto Peaches

With the help of Enough Pie, local artists and businesses — I will bring the kids of Bridgeview Village together through storytelling, song and dance. Bridgeview, my old stomping grounds, is an affordable housing community in the Upper Peninsula of Charleston, SC. I know first-hand that there’s a need for more activities for the youth who live there, especially ones that don’t involve running outside in 100 degree weather. My mission is to change the game by encouraging them through creativity.

For years I’ve been making excuses for not starting the journey of creating my own arts school. The stars have finally aligned just enough to get this ball rolling. If there’s anything I’m a product of, it’s the power of the arts. I can’t imagine where I’d be without the experiences had and people met through School of the Arts (SOA). Although my love for the arts didn’t start at SOA, it definitely blossomed there. I had no idea a school like the ones I’ve seen on TV existed in my city. so it’s no surprise I was the only one to attend from my elementary school.

Every child should have the opportunity to an SOA-like experience, or at least access to the arts. My goal is to give the opportunity to Bridgeview, and eventually to children all over Charleston–and maybe even the world.

Ace's Arts Camp Is Coming To Town -- The Palmetto Peaches
Designed by Melanie Miller

Check out my interview with Kimberly Bowman of So Exquisite Charleston Magazine below for more camp details and awkward laughter. 🙂

I’m super excited, and a little nervous, for this next chapter in my life–and I’m happy to be able to share it with our readers! For more information on the A.C.E Summer Camp, like us on Facebook! If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, visit Make sure to add A.C.E Summer Camp as the business name!

Was there a summer arts camp in your childhood community? If not, what other types of camps did you attend?

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