10 Affirmations to Overcome Negative Thoughts

I have a journal I fill with quotes I hear or read that I love. I regularly revisit the journal when I’m in need of inspiration. This weekend I went to the journal in search of some words that would reinforce positivity and help me overcome negative thoughts. I found the following:

What you speak into the atmosphere, shall become one with the atmosphere.

Practicing meditation and speaking positive affirmations are two practices I believe can influence your self-esteem.  Finding that quote made me realize that it might help to switch out some of current daily affirmations to provide more positive energy to cancel out the negative thoughts I was dealing with.

If you’re in need of something similar, here are 10 affirmations that may help:

10 Affirmations to Overcome Negative Thoughts - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

10 Affirmations to Overcome Negative Thoughts

  1. I am deserving of praise. I am deserving of respect.
  2. Today I will  approach life with boldness and enthusiasm.
  3. I will love myself unconditionally.
  4. I embrace success. The words “I can’t” are not in my vocabulary. I am unstoppable!
  5. I refuse to believe my own excuses. Nothing is impossible and life is great.
  6. My outer self is matched by my inner well being.
  7. I give myself permission to walk my path.
  8. I am bigger than fear. Fear does not define me. I am beyond fear. I am not fear.
  9. All doors are open!I have the power, right now, to decide what I want to do.
  10. Gratitude is my default emotion in all things.

The key when saying, and/or reading, affirmations is to feel the feelings they portray. It can help to fully relax and know that at the core of your being, these statements are true. I recommend adjusting the affirmations to make them true for yourself, and what you’re feeling or needing at this moment in time.

Remember: affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more often you say them, the more they will impact your reality.

If you need more info on affirmations, back in the day Ace introduced our blog readers to how she started a daily affirmation routine


Do you have incorporate affirmations or meditation into your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below!