Where are The Palmetto Peaches?

It’s 2018.

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Where are The Palmetto Peaches?

Where are The Palmetto Peaches? - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Fret not, lovelies. We’re still here. We took a little break during the holidays like we do every year and decided we needed to make some changes. So we’re working on a new look and feel, new content, and new pictures.

For real though, Donni is still wearing braces in her blog photos. She only got them off TWO years ago. Let’s not even mention how strong Ace’s loc game is now. #hairgoals

Today’s actually our three year blogaversary. We’ve grown so much from our first post.

Ace has some crazy exciting news. Maybe she’ll announce it here on the blog. Donni’s super excited about the new content she’s been working on. She’s even been honing her video editing skills. 

Also, we’ve changed as people. Our schedules and jobs are different. We live in separate cities. We are literally now The Palmetto Peaches with us physically living the Palmetto and Peach States. We’ve made new friends and strengthened our connections with old friends. Our blog should be a reflection of those changes.

But first, Thank You

We wouldn’t even be able to make a change without the support we’ve gotten. We didn’t think five people would visit The Palmetto Peaches and to get thousands of visitors is awesome. Our Pinterest account gets 100,000+ views every month. Ace’s 10 Signs You Grew Up In Charleston post went viral. Donni’s DIY LUSH Tea Tree Toner Water post has been linked everywhere and probably her greatest hit.  People continue to use our planner stickers to this day. Even through our silence in the past month and half, you’ve still been coming.  That’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  We have to thank all of our readers. We appreciate your comments, shares and likes.  Also, a special thank you to our friends and family who inspire and support all that we do.

Blog With Us

As a part of how we’re changing, we would love to have some additional perspectives on the blog in the form of some new writers. We eventually want this to be a huge community of supporters of coffee, liquor, laughter and sweatpants – readers and writers alike. If you’ve always wanted to blog, but not necessarily create your own – this is a great opportunity for you.  

For example, if you’re a music junkie and would really like to review new music, let’s chat. If you’re newly into green beauty or a vegan lifestyle and would like to chronicle your journey, let’s chat. If you’ve always wanted to interview random strangers on public transportation, we can’t promise your safety so maybe rethink that idea, but we’re down.  We’re open to topics, but will likely make a decision based on vibes. Yeah, we’re those people.  Send us an email (info@palmsinatl.com), slide in our DMs, or send us a message via carrier pigeon and we’ll see what we can make happen.

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peachesand Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

Living My Best Life: Lessons I Learned in 2017

In 2017, I made a lot of mistakes. I’ve grown. I’ve failed. I have kissed a lot of frogs – although some were pretty cute. I’ve learned to truly embrace my flaws and recognize them as things that make me unique.  All of these experiences taught me valuable things.

Living My Best Life: Lessons I Learned In 2017

 Living My Best Life: Lessons I Learned in 2017 - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Bad days are allowed.

I usually try to be a positive person, but no one is positive all the time. I’m not sure when I heard and decided that I had to be that way every day. It was exhausting.  It’s okay not to be okay, as long as you don’t dwell in that negativity.

I am enough.

As confident as I think I am, I still have moments of self doubt or moments where I lack self-confidence. At the beginning of the year I remember saying I loved my natural hair, but I still didn’t want people to see it. It wasn’t long enough. My curls weren’t popping like that girl on Instagram. What if someone made fun of it?


I can’t compare myself – whether it be hair, finances, body, career- to anyone else. As soon as I truly believed that, I was free to believe that I was enough.  By the summer time,  I had a hot rugby player throwing me in the pool – natural hair shrinking in the water –  and him playing in my 4c curls poolside, saying how “lovely” my hair was in his New Zealand English.

Living My Best Life: Lessons I Learned in 2017 - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Real gs move in silence.

Or as the great poet Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. said: “Real Gs move in silence like lasagna”. Stay with me. I would say I’m pretty open about my life. If someone asks me a question, I’ll answer it honestly. However, this year I watched some people announce some of the plans or dreams they were pursuing and then literally saw people wish these plans and projects nothing but failure. In 2017,  I realized that there are so many people who hope you fail rather than wish you succeed. So while I’ll continue to be open I’m gonna keep my projects and plans close to my chest until they’ve come to fruition.

Healthy relationships are vital.

I’m not talking about romantic relationships. We need people who are willing to motivate us and keep us moving in the right direction. Someone told me they had friends and then they have life bonds. Isn’t friendship a lifelong bond? I thought.  But then I started listing all of the people I labeled a friend. Many of them have no clue what’s currently going on in my life. I’ve been through some tough things this year, like issues at work and deaths in the family. It was during these times I really saw who I’ve created a life bond with. Some bonded by blood and some via tequila shots taken on sticky floors in bars on Harden St. that no longer exist. They lifted me up mentally and spiritually when I needed words of encouragement, a laugh, a hug, or caffeine.

Sometimes you have to scrap the plan.

And this is coming from the planner girl.  I would sometimes frustrate myself when I couldn’t complete my to-do list or the plan didn’t come together just perfectly. However, this year I’ve learned to be flexible and I’ve learned that I can’t control everything. I can only control myself and my reaction to a ruined plan. Sometimes you have to change the plan (mid-way through) to continue the course.

You can’t hurry love

When I go out on dates I inevitably get the question: Why are you single?

I used to say I don’t know or I’m still having fun.  However, in the back of my mind, I would repeat the things that exes have told me when I broke up with them: I’m selfish.  I don’t know how to love.  I’m too independent.

Here’s the thing: I do know how to love. I love my family, my friends (life bonds), and my sweet little pupper. I love life. I just didn’t love them. I am independent, but I  am willing to be a unit with a right person – to rely on them and have them lean on me. I’m selfish, but only when it comes to my happiness. I refuse to sacrifice my joy to settle into an ordinary life with an ordinary love. I will be enough for the right person and there’s no need to rush it. While I’m so incredibly happy for all of my friends that are married, or in  relationships, there is no expiration date on when I’ll find the one.  Maybe 2018 will be my year or maybe it won’t – either way I’m good.

Thanks for reading!

I’ll be back in the new year with new content and ideas for the blog! See you dolls and gents in 2018!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before My 30th Birthday

The one month countdown to my 30th birthday officially begins today! Between Mercury Retrograde and my love for the 19th day of January, my birthday is never “simple”. This year I hoped to celebrate this milestone at Disney World, but my bank account had other plans. So instead of throwing the whole day in the trash, I decided to make a bucket list to help finish the last month of my 20s in good spirits.

30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before 30 -- The Palmetto Peaches

Some of the things on this list actually scare me, like watching a movie I’ve been afraid of since childhood and making phone calls.Others involve spreading good vibes to myself and those around me. I will try my hardest to update this post as I complete things.

30 Things To Do in 30 Days Before My 30th Birthday

  1. Give 30 compliments to 30 people.

  2. Write and mail a letter.

  3. Get a tattoo.

  4. Watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

  5. Attempt to cook an edible meal.

  6. Celebrate Kwanzaa.

  7. Make a list of 30 things I’m thankful for.

  8. Write a poem.

  9. Catch up with an old friend.

  10. Get a self-portrait taken.

  11. Donate $30 to a cause.

  12. Write a letter to myself.

  13. Go crabbing.

  14. Spend a day with my nephews.

  15. Stay off social media for 30 hours.

  16. Make a list of 30 lessons I’ve learned.

  17. Invest in Bitcoin.

  18. Sing karaoke.

  19. Paint my nails.

  20. Read (or listen to) a book.

  21. Start a scrapbook.

  22. Play 5 games from my childhood.

  23. Go to an oyster roast.

  24. See a movie alone, in a theater.

  25. Take a 30-minute walk.

  26. Attend a wine or tequila tasting.

  27. Call 30 friends or family members to say “I love you”.

  28. Use a disposable camera.

  29. Play laser tag.

  30. Celebrate 30 years with my loved ones.

Use the hashtag #30DaysWithAce to get updates and backstories on the 30 things that made the list. What would you add to your birthday countdown bucket list?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms

Hey, friends. I waited a full two days after Thanksgiving before I fired up the holiday romantic comedies. Talk about self-control, right? I could really watch them all year, but I try make this a holiday tradition. Here are the rules of holiday rom-coms:

  1. They shouldn’t be well-written.
  2. Holiday rom-coms should have plenty of plot holes or scenes/dialogue that aren’t logical.
  3. They should be cheesy enough that you roll your eyes, yet still swoon-worthy. See just about every Hallmark and Freeform (previously ABC Family) holiday rom-com ever made.

If you find yourself bored one evening and in search of a holiday rom-com to scoff and swoon at while sipping an adult hot chocolate, I’ve got you covered. Please note, classic holiday movies are not included on this list, but you should go watch Home Alone and Love, Actually before any of these movies. Or start with the bad ones below.

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

As an added bonus I’m assigning an official Palmetto Peaches’ Gingerbread rating to each movie because I seriously think I’m Roger Ebert  in my head.

Gingerbread Man Rating
1 = Meh, not worth wasting 90 minutes

4 =So bad you can laugh at it ironically, but also wish some of this romance into your love life.

Spoiler alert: not one of these movies gets just one gingerbread man 🙂 

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms

A Christmas Prince (2017) – Netflix

Netflix watchers, you may have seen this pop up in the trending section. I had a 98% match to the movie because I obviously love a ridiculous holiday movie. In A Christmas Prince, we follow Amber, an editor who aspires to be a writer, as she is assigned to cover a press conference in the made up country of Aldovia. Uh, if you’re a fan of the rom-com genre you may have quickly recognized that sounds a quite similar to Genovia, a la The Princess Diaries. Actually, the movie straight up steals scenes from The Princess Diaries 2, but please refer to holiday rom-com rule #1. Anyways, Amber is supposed to find out what would happen if the future king, who is set to take the throne one year after his father’s death, decides not to accept his royal position. I mean I’m pretty sure you could Google succession plans, but please see rule #2. She ends up going undercover, and I bet you can guess,falling in love with the future king. I won’t spoil the ending, but seriously I’m proud of how much awful this movie is and can’t wait for the sequel. A Valentine’s Princess.

A Christmas Kiss (2011) – Netflix

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Wendy is an aspiring interior designer working as an assistant to the boss from Hades, Priscilla, who takes credit for all of Wendy’s work. Wendy shares a kiss with a handsome stranger, Adam. As an aside, Adam is played by my favorite alien – any Roswell fans – Brendan Fehr. Later on, Wendy finds out the stranger is her boss’s boyfriend, but he doesn’t recognize her without glitter on her face *rolls eyes*. Wendy and Adam work closely together decorating his home and of course Wendy falls in love with him.


12 Dates of Christmas (2011) – Netflix

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Kate (Amy Smart) gets set up on a blind date with  Zac Morris Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) on Christmas Eve. She then finds away to ruin the date, but gets 12 chances to relive the date over again until she sets things right. Yup, it’s a Christmas ripoff of Groundhog Day. And I am here for it!

Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017) – Lifetime

This movie revolves around Heather (Tatyana Ali) who is the the manager of a large mall. She is basically ordered be a Grinch and cancel the leases of under-performing stores at the mall. Heather’s niece asks the mall Santa to help find a boyfriend for her aunt. Ryan (Brendan Fehr) is actually filling in for the mall Santa and uses this info to woo Heather. I won’t spoil the plot-twist, but I’ll just say nothing can be simple in a holiday rom-com.

Can we go ahead and crown Brendan Fehr as the new holiday rom-com leading man? I know, I know. That’s not a real thing. I just want to watch a bunch of these movies starring him. The acting in Wrapped Up In Christmas isn’t that bad, plus the movie also includes appearances by Jasmine Guy, Jackee Harry, and Joseph Marcell aka Geofrrey from The Fresh Prince.

The Spirit of Christmas (2015) – Lifetime

5 Wonderfully, Terrible Holiday Rom-Coms - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

An attorney Kate (played by my favorite Days of Our Lives actress Jen Lilley) falls in love with a ghost, Daniel, when she travels to Vermont over the holidays to sell an inn. And the ghost is super hot, y’all. Just look at him! He’s also kind of an asshole, but you know maybe I’d have an attitude too, if I were a ghost trapped in an inn and “forced” into human form for only 12 days a year. Daniel doesn’t remember how he died and Kate, once she decides she believes in ghosts, decides to help him. Of course, they fall in love.

Do you have any cheesy holiday rom-coms you recommend? Leave a comment below and your own personal gingerbread man rating. 

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs Some TLC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for some people. The holidays bring lots of love and cheer, but that doesn’t stop anxiety and depression from making an appearance. Aside from the family and life related things that make us want to curl-up under a rock, the cold and gloomy weather makes it harder to deal with daily struggles. Nope, money can’t buy happiness–but it sure can buy things that help put a smile on our faces.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

The Palmetto Peaches are huge fans of self-care, and all things #TreatYoself related. So this list wasn’t hard to create. (I basically copy and pasted my Christmas list.)

9 Self-Care Gifts for the Friend Who Needs TLC

Affirmation cards.

Thoughts become things, and affirmations can help shift a negative mindset to a positive one. If you want to get crafty, here are 5 affirmations you can use to create your own cards!

I always focus on the positive.

Nothing in life is worth the price of worry.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

Today, I wake up with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.

I radiate beauty, charm and grace.

Sage wand.

Bye negative energy, byeeee. Sage is used for relaxation and cleansing. Perfect to help burn all the bad vibes from 2017, and start the New Year.

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Book of quotes.

Words from a Wanderer, by Alex Elle, is a book of notes she wrote to herself. The notes I write to myself aren’t half as inspiring (or coherent), so I love reading this when I need a pep talk.

Inspirational coffee/tea mug.

They’re great to remind your friend how dope she/he is, and are cute for the Gram and Snap.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches


I’m not a tea-drinker, but my friend/former co-worker lives by it. With different flavors like apple mango sangria (um, hi) and chocolate earl grey, there’s something for the tea lover in your life. Check out more of Chelsea’s tea flavors here.


While the smell of Christmas makes me feel better, others prefer lavender and vanilla. The new candles will partner well with other self-care gift ideas like affirmation cards. Just saying.


Sometimes all wee need is a good talkin’ to, preferably from folks like Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes.


..to wear while they comfortably listen to audiobooks and drink hot tea, duh.

A good ol’ fashioned 2-hour phone call or a hug.

9 Self-Care Gifts -- The Palmetto Peaches

What self-care gifts are on your list to give or receive? 

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

5 Tips For a Fun Thanksgiving Gathering

This is not a drill, people. We are less than one week away from Thanksgiving! Some of you may be headed to a traditional family gathering. While others of you may opt for a celebration with your friends – Friendsgiving. There may even be you  greedy lucky few, that fill their bellies at both occasions. Whether you’re having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or planning a Friendsgiving, I’ve got some tips for a fantastic holiday gathering.


5 Tips For a Fun Thanksgiving Gathering - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

1. Don’t waste your life away in the kitchen.

It can get easy to get stuck in the kitchen as your friends play or our family gathers around the TV. You can make a few items in advance and still get stuck in the kitchen preparing food. Here’s my solution: share the responsibility. As the host, you can’t get out of making the turkey, but you can relieve yourself of some of the work by letting guests contribute a few sides and desserts. My parents are driving up to Atlanta, so I’m not making them bring anything. However, my pops always brings extra sweet potatoes for pies and will grab drinks,napkins, aluminum foil and plastic bags upon arrival.  Honestly, I think she still fully doesn’t trust me with the turkey so she supervises with that as her contribution. 

Feel free to ask your guests what they’d like to contribute or assign them a dish. This is important because you don’t want too many of the same dish or someone to feel bad when no one touches their cornbread dressing.  Note, not everyone can make the macaroni and cheese. And Ms. “All I eat is zucchini noodles” probably shouldn’t be attempting to touch the greens. Like if  you don’t know what hamhock is — DON’T DO IT! Also, if you’re a guest and can’t cook, maybe just pick up drinks or one of Miss Patti’s Pies. 


Apologies for the language, but this video is still funny to me two years later.

2. Play a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade drinking game

Maybe save this one for Friendsgiving, but if your family likes to throw a few back I say go for it. Lay out the rules, and then get ready to do some pre-dinner drinking.  You could also watch  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. Take two sips (or a shot) every time Peppermint Patty invites someone to to Charlie’s dinner, or when she yells. Or just drink – that’s fine.

3. Remember what you’re thankful for.

Take time to go around the table with your friends or family and share what you’re thankful for this year. Your gathering should be about reconnecting and catching up over a great meal.  

4. Have a signature drink.

You could just go with the basics: wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages on hand, but consider  having a  signature drink. A signature drink is a nice way to add something special and seasonal to the mix. Check out Ace’s fall cocktails for some ideas.

5. Break Culinary Traditions

My second year in ATL (me thinks) Ace and I had a two person Friendsgiving. Sure, I made sweet potato pies, but there was no way I was cooking a turkey for two,  so we broke tradition and made some bomb Turkey Tacos with Cranberry Salsa and a Thanksgiving sides cake. Still one of my favorite meals – EVER! P.S. We subbed out out their spinach layer for greens. 

5 Tips For a Fun Thanksgiving Gathering - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Image Credit: Huffington Post

If you’re looking for decor ideas or recipes check out this Pinterest board:


What are some of your tips for a fun Thanksgiving gathering? Leave your comments below!

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches