Sorry I’m Booked: 2020 Reading List

Oh wow. How is it already and also only April? 2020 has been madness and like a decade rolled into a few months. Now that we’re all self-isolating, I have more time on my hands to power through my 2020 reading list. I thought I’d formally share my list in case anyone else is looking to put Disney+/Hulu/Netflix on pause for a bit.

Reading is supposed to be a pleasure and not a chore. So my yearly reading list is more of roadmap. Sometimes I get to every book and other times I go offroading and venture way off the list. My list is separated into some themes I wanted to cover through the year. However, I will say many of the books fit into more than one of the themes it’s listed under on this post. Let’s get started, bookworms!

Sorry I’m Booked: 2020 Reading List

2020 Reading List -- Sorry I'm Booked -- The Palmetto Peaches --

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Books Becoming Movies in 2020

 New York Times Bestseller

The Next Book in a Series

A Love Story

Celeb Memoir

A Book You Saw Someone Reading

By an Author of Color

Recommended by a Family Member

A Classic and a Retelling

A Self-Improvement Book

A Book of Poems


What books are your 2020 reading list? Leave me some recommendations below!