Whisper Challenge

The Palmetto Peaches heard about the Whisper Challenge that people are doing and thought it would be fun to give it a try.

Hey little mama, let me whisper in your ear…

No, no, Palmettos and Peaches, that’s the Whisper Song…not quite the same thing. The Whisper Challenge works like this: One person wears headphones blaring loud music and tries to lip-read the phrase spoken by the other person. Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon were our inspirations, but there are so many funny videos out there.

How did I interpret the phrase: “The bigger the hoop the bigger the ho”? Where did Mary Poppins come from? The things Ace thinks I’m saying by far takes the cake. Do you want to build a snowman turned into “crystal meth” wait what?! Expect barking (not from my puppy), dancing and a lot of laughter. I’m pretty sure Ace cheated, but enough spoilers, here’s our attempt at the whisper challenge:


We want to see you join in on the fun! Complete your own whisper challenge and use the hashtag #PalmsInATL to share it with us. Or feel free to just tweet us and tell us how ridiculous we are. We won’t mind!