Life after TGIT

We’re officially finished with TGIT until the fall. That’s approximately 63 hours of lives not including the countless number of hours we wasted tweeting and discussing the latest twist Shonda threw at us around our proverbial watercoolers. Mama Shonda owns Thursday nights and it’s that time of year where we get our lives back and are free to unglue ourselves from our seats/the floor.

Life after TGIT - The Palmetto Peaches -

How did TGIT treat you this season?

Donni: Let’s be clear I’m still mourning the death of George (six seasons later), so I am nowhere close to accepting Derek’s death. We know how Shonda kills off those we love. Were any of you Private Practice fans? Please, tell me you remember Dell’s death!

So to recap the tragedies that has happened this TGIT season: we know poor little Oliver has HIV, Rebecca is DEAD, Jake almost died, Quinn is threatening to kill Huck, and most importantly Derek is DEAD. Then Scandal had the absolute worst finale in my opinion. As soon as Fitz kick Mellie out of the White House and went running to Liv’s place, I was ready to throw my TV screen. Kissing on the White House balcony…ick. The entire thing was just weak.


Ace: I drank a lot of wine on Thursdays between 8pm and 11pm, so my memories and emotions are a little fuzzy. The death of Derek Shepherd is seriously one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me. I based my relationship goals off of #MerDer. I flipped so many tables because of them since 2005, and this was just too much. The Scandal finale was okay, until the end. Olivia and Fitz’s are just gonna kiss under the moonlight, while my boo Derek is still dead? Nah. Shonda should’ve took Jake instead. Sorry, not sorry.

What are you going to do?

Ace: Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars starts June 2, so I don’t have much time before I’m emotionally invested in another show. Until then, maybe I’ll finish I Know Why the Cage Bird sings on my Kindle app or write a coming of age romantic-comedy. Who knows? Anything can happen when I have a few extra hours, good nerves and all my edges. Shonda shamelessly snatched them every week during TGIT.

Donni: I’m a little confused what I should do with this extra time. I usually stop by Kroger for a bottle of wine if I hadn’t done so earlier in the week to get me through the night’s emotional rollercoaster. I mean I can still stop for wine (and probably will), but there’s nothing to angry-tweet Shonda about. I will admit that I watch Party Down South, so I have Thursday TV time dedicated to that. Maybe, I’ll use the time to read. Or maybe I won’t binge watch the new season of Orange Is the New Black and watch it on Thursdays… wait who am I kidding?

What are you hoping for in the next TGIT seasons? 

Ace: If Derek isn’t rising from the dead next season, Callie and Arizona are my last hope. I’d like to see them work on their marriage. Even though I’ve grown to love the new cast/doctors, I think I’m retiring from Grey’s Anatomy before Meredith dies too. Feels like forever since I watched How to Get Away with Murder; but I’m just happy Rebecca is dead. (I feel okay saying this because she’s a fictional character.)

Donni:  Hmm. that’s a hard question. I’m trying to decide if Grey’s still has my loyalty. Perhaps, I’ll cool down over the summer and forgive the senseless killing of Derek Shepherd. If I am watching, I want to see Alex be happy and in love. And I need more Zola. On the Scandal front: Olitz must go!  I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan. Every time the Olitz music starts playing I roll my eyes. Also, if Quinn touches one hair on Huck’s head or pull out any of his teeth. There will be hell to pay. The only thing I really want from How to Get Away with Murder is more Asher. Basically, I love Matt McGorry. He’s a feminist  — what’s not to love. Viola Davis will slay so I’m not to worried about HTGAWM.

 Are you a TGIT fan? If so, tell us what you’re adding on to your schedule while our shows are on summer break! Comment below or tweet @PalmsInATL.


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  1. wow maybe I need to start watching this show because it sounds like its nothing short of amazing! 🙂

    you sound like a DIE hard fan!!
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