Meditation: Soul Food

Meditation is like waking up to the smell of your favorite blend of coffee while your favorite song plays in the background. Not a fan of coffee? Then imagine waking up to the perfect meal you dreamed about all night, already on the kitchen table. The day I started Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, I was on my 6th straight day of waking up at 6am for work. Tired isn’t the word to describe how I felt. However, I eagerly woke up at 5:30 to start “Manifesting Grace through Gratitude”. The excitement woke me up like it was St. Pat’s in 5 Points…which is equivalent to a kid on Christmas morning.

When I complained to someone about not being able to focus long enough to meditate, her response was “that’s more of a reason for you to meditate.” There’s always so much noise in my brain, especially with a 24-hour news cycle. Quieting my mind for a few minutes everyday is a way to relax and regroup. Sometimes I even wake up scared or sad about things that haven’t happened yet. I’ve said this in previous posts, but I’m a worrier–and here’s a screenshot of my meditation playlist as proof.
Meditation: Soul Food--The Palmetto Peaches

When I first started meditating, my biggest concern was “Am I doing this right?” followed by 1 million other thoughts. Thanks to YouTube and Google, I’ve learned a few things:

There isn’t a wrong way to meditate: Most of the pictures I see are of people sitting with their legs crossed, hands on their knees, with their fingers shaped in some weird gang sign (like my picture above). Sometimes I lay down instead of sitting. Not only is it more comfortable, but if my nephews happen to see me, they’ll think I’m sleeping and will leave me alone.

Don’t force thoughts out of your head: I know the point is to quiet your mind, but the harder you work to not think about something–the more you’ll think about it. If you’re an artist, over-thinker or living with ADD; this is easier said than done. Just relax and focus on the mantra to ease your mind.

Add it to your daily routine: Some days I just roll right over and start meditating, but deep breaths come a little easier after brushing my teeth. Just sayin’. A good 10 minutes of meditation before checking your email or dabbling in celebrity gossip maybe exactly what you need.

Be patient: The first few times will be awkward. I really thought I’d be floating across the room tuning people out after 1 week of starting my meditation journey. I was wrong. But after a few months, I was able to initiate my own meditations.

“The Science Behind Meditation and Headspace” is a great read for beginners. According to the article, meditation can help relieve stress, boost your creativity and improve your relationships. I haven’t used the app yet, but my plan is to use it when the 21-day meditation challenge ends in a few days. Headspace offers a series of different meditations based on your personal goals.

Although I’m new to Headspace, there are 2 guided meditations I practice on a regular basis:

Lisa Nichols “Discovering Your Worthiness”

Deepak Chopra “Secret to Attraction”

Like I said, I’m not a meditation guru–so I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions. Let me know who you follow or what you listen to for guided meditations. Comment below or tweet me @PalmsInATL! (Don’t forget to mention the meditator or include a link!)

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

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