30 Days of Decluttering: A Minimalism Challenge

30 Days of Decluttering: A Minimalism Challenge - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com If you’re interested in participating in this challenge you may want to check out my Minimalism 101 post or my Art of Decluttering post.

I’ve pulled together a challenge for the month of March to tackle some physical decluttering needs that adds adds on some decluttering of items that are using up our mental energy as well.  While I’m calling it a decluttering challenge, you can also think of this as start to your journey to minimalism. If minimalism isn’t your thing, consider this a spring cleaning challenge.

“Sometimes, the only way to figure out what is really important is to get rid of everything that isn’t.”

30 Days of Decluttering: A Minimalism Challenge - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Click here or the image above to print off your own copy of the challenge.

30 Days of Decluttering: A Minimalism Challenge

      1. Set your intentions.

        Before we get started we’re going to use today to plan out our intentions or goals for the next thirty days. It would be easy to just work through the checklist, but making this challenge intentional and tailored for you will motivate you to complete the activities. Maybe all of the clutter in your space is stressing you out or maybe you would like to simplify the task that is picking out clothes by decluttering your closet. Pick a goal and feel free to edit the tasks to move you toward your personal goal.

      2. Place one item a day into a donation box for the next 30 days.

        Small item or big item — doesn’t matter. Let’s round up the some of the the excess things we’ve been holding on. You can also choose to focus on one particular room or just your closet for this particular task.

      3. Declutter your work desk.

        I’ve got weekly team meeting agendas from 2013….why?!! Today these are gone. *sways in the corner* I will not be a hoarder. I will not be a hoarder.

      4. Declutter your kitchen items.

        Skip the fridge for now. We’re coming back to it later this month. I had a friend that once had four crock pots and all were the same size. Apparently, HomeGoods had some Crockpots with patterns and she couldn’t decide which one to get. Do not let this be you. Crockpots are awesome, but you don’t need four of the same size. Go through your utensils, bowls, plates, mugs (I have so many coffee mugs), serving dishes and serving utensils, cutting boards, measuring cups and spoons, sponges, dish cloths.

      5. Declutter your makeup.

        FYI your makeup expires. So while you’re going through everything make sure you don’t hold on to anything that’s expired. Gather your all of your foundation, concealer, primers, blush, highlighters, bronzers, shadows, setting powders, makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyelashes, eye lash glue, liners and mascara and get to decluttering. Makeup junkies, this will be hard, but I believe in you.

      6. Unfollow and unfriend — don’t waste your time on social media. 

        Take it one social media account at a time and unfollow or unfriend all of the people or brands that are toxic or make you angry or upset. Don’t let them take up space on your feed. Fill your feeds with brands and people that inspire you or make you feel like you are a part of a community.

      7. Complete a no spend day.

        That means pack your lunch and no trips to Target or Starbucks.

      8. Evaluate your budget.

        So yesterday you completed a no spend day. Hopefully, it was easy. Think about all the money you spend on those random little trips to Target (straying from your list) or how much daily Starbucks is costing you. I’m all for treating yourself, but I would encourage you to look at your spending habits. Perhaps that money could be spent on something that brings you joy like a trip you’ve been wanting to take.

      9. Meditate or journal for 20 minutes.

        I can hear the skeptics, but stick with me for a moment. Meditation is shown reduce stress, increase creative thinking, help you learn to focus better, reduce anxiety and improve your relationships with people around you. Journaling helps you organize your thoughts and helps you reduce stress. So pick one of these options and let’s clear that mental clutter. Check out Ace’s post for some resources on getting started with meditation.

      10. Declutter your books.

        Look I get it. If you’re a book lover, this request is like asking you to pick your favorite pet or child and get rid of the others. Look for multiple copies you may have of books or titles you purchased to look cool and donate them.

      11. Declutter your refrigerator.

        True story: My mom visits me and brings me a cooler full of condiment packets — I’ve got honey mustard, tartar sauce, and ketchup packets for days. My friend Kevin makes fun of me every time he visits. Today, this goes.

      12. Compile a bag of clothes/shoes/textile for donation.

        I’m going to use this time to start pulling out my spring wardrobe. Anything that doesn’t fit – size and personal style – must go.

      13. Unsubscribe to junk e-mail. 

        Take some time to unsubscribe from any newsletters and promotional emails that are filling your inbox and wasting your time. I’m a huge fan of unroll.me.

      14. Delete old photos and unused apps.

        When’s the last time you played Pokemon Go? The day it came out? Get rid of it.

      15. Free Day

        Aw, yeah!! We’re halfway through. Use this day to circle back on one of the tasks you needed more time on or celebrate how much you’ve done so far.

      16. Turn off social media notifications for 24 hours.

        I never realized how much time in a day I wasted from immediately checking my notifications. Do I really need to see that *insert planner company here* posted a new picture on Instagram right away? Probably not. See what happens if you turn off your notifications for day.

      17. No (personal) email or social media until lunch time.

        I have a bad habit of waking up and immediately scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and checking the news. Recently, I’ve been trying to use that time to get in a quick yoga session or my Tone It Up – 5 Daily Moves.

      18. Declutter your shoes/accessories.

        Chuck those Forever21 necklaces that are starting to fall apart.  If you haven’t worn a pair of shoes in a full year donate them or see you can make some extra cash at a local consignment shop. I keep most of my shoes in the original boxes and I realized I’m using up a lot of real estate in my closets.

      19. Declutter stationery/home decor/ craft items. Planner peeps, I’m looking at you.

        Go through all of your pens, pencils, highlighters, markers,  stickers, stamps, washi tape,  scrapbook paper, Post-it notes, notebooks, paper clips, etc. Destash planner girls! Destash! You can donate or RAK your destash your unwanted items. Next tackle those candles and seasonal decorations. I seriously have one too many glitter pumpkins.

      20. Declutter your purse or bookbag.

        That crumbled up NutriGrain bar that has been tumbling in your bag for weeks and that five foot long CVS receipt get rid of it.

      21. Declutter your car.

        I’m not sure why I have so many straws in my car. Let’s clear out the trash and junk in our cars. If you don’t own a car – chose another space not listed to declutter.

      22. No phone in bed.

        Instead of scrolling though Facebook in bed, read, talk to your significant other, journal, or meditate.

      23. No TV for 24 hours (Please notice I scheduled this to be on a Scandal night).

        I love TV and I don’t like doing anything during a #TGIT night (other than drinking wine) or missing an episode of This Is Us, but instead of just parking out in front of the TV religiously- let’s see what other activities we end up doing.

      24. Evaluate your time.

        So this month, I’ve challenged you to turn off the TV for 24 hours, turn off your social media notifications, and refrain from using it. What did you do with that extra time you weren’t scrolling though your newsfeed or email, or bingewatching Santa Clara Diet (which I highly recommend)? Evaluate how you used that extra time and see what changes you can make in your schedule.

      25. Declutter all of your paper. 

        This is the thing I’m dreading the most. But today let’s go through letters, old receipts, magazines, business cards, junk mail,  takeout menus, manuals that you’ve saved (c’mon you can find them on the internet), bills, and important documents like tax forms, birth certificates, insurance policies. Now, obviously we don’t want to throw the important documents away, but make sure they are in one place you remember.

      26. Declutter your products.

        So you should only have your essential makeup products by now, but let’s look through our hair products and tools like brushes, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, makeup wipes, cotton pads, cotton buds, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, face masks, perfume, nail polish and nail polish removers.

      27. Plan a self care day.

        Plan a self care day for yourself. Whether it’s more of a pampering day or a day to unplug – you deserve it.

      28. Declutter your digital space. 

        Clear out your downloads folders, empty the trash, uninstall any programs you don’t use, and organize your folders.

      29. Erase unused phone contacts.

        I originally had one general clean up your phone category, but specifically make sure you discard all of the old contacts in your phone. I have so many “girl/boy from Red Hots or (insert bar here)”. Think about those supportive drunk girls in the bar bathroom you make friends with and swear you’re going to hang out with— that can’t just be me — clear them out of your phone. If you’ve got a few friends that have maybe turned into frenemies, delete them. That ex you think about texting – DELETE IMMEDIATELY. Seriously though, just as we cleared away toxic people we follow on social media earlier in the challenge. let’s do the same with those who are saved in our phone.

      30. Channel your inner Alicia Keys and go makeup free.

        I looooove beauty products, but the truth is none of us really have to wear makeup. Skip the beauty routine for day and appreciate your natural beauty – flaws and all.

      31. Review your physical space and mental space.

        If you don’t feel like you’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve when it comes to your physical space, write down a list now of what still needs to be done. Perhaps you need to repeat the challenge of next month pick the items you struggled with the most and make a mini-challenge of it.

Join in on the challenge and post pictures of your activities using the hashtage #DeclutterIn30Days.

Donni Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches

11 Replies to “30 Days of Decluttering: A Minimalism Challenge”

  1. This is SUCH a good idea!! I seriously need to work on decluttering, and this list has really helped and inspired me!! I guess it’s time to start spring cleaning :). Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. You’re welcome!! If you do any of the activities and post about it, let us know. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I needed this because these are all things I need to do! I am looking forward in doing this!

    1. Awesome!! I hope you accomplish all of your decluttering goals.


  3. Southern & Style says:

    This is an awesome idea! Springtime makes me want to get rid of all the stuff that I don’t use-I’m going to have to implement some of these things!

    xoxo, SS


    1. Yup, this challenge was inspired by spring cleaning just adding in some things other than physical spaces. Please tag us in any pictures you take if you join in on some days of the challenge. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Love that you included a social media decluttering section! I always tend to forget about it while decluttering, and then remember it a few months later. So great! I’ve been on such a decluttering spree lately, that my husband is concerned that we won’t have any possessions by the end of it 😛 Great post!

    1. Ha, you’ll just be living a minimalist life. 🙂 Thanks for reading and happy decluttering!!


  5. This is such a good challenge at the perfect time. Decluttering 30 items from around the house, plus decluttering my desk and my dresser are both part of my monthly goals. I won’t follow the challenge exactly since I’m traveling a bit this month, but I’m excited to do what I can!
    Brita recently posted…March 2017 Goals // February RecapMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Brita!The challenge is definitely customizable. We will declutter together!


  6. […] will be a great excuse to declutter as fall approaches. However, as I talked about in the minimalism challenge simplifying your life isn’t just about removing the physical clutter out of your closets and […]

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