How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury Retrograde? Kathy Biehl and OM Times are going to help me explain this one.

“First, the technicalities: Mercury is retrograde when it’s traveling backwards. That’s an optical illusion, of course, and happens when the planet’s orbital speed changes in comparison to the earth’s. It’s the planetary equivalent of speeding up on a highway, passing a car and seeing it fall far behind after you in the rear-view mirror.

How this works: When Mercury is moving in reverse, the areas of life it governs do not play by the usual rules. Anything related to communication and travel requires extra attention. This includes phones, computers and electronic devices, the mail (remember that?), cars, public transportation and commutes.”

From December 19th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017 Mercury will be in retrograde in earth-sign Capricorn. Shout out to my fellow G.O.A.T.S! To some of you that means absolutely nothing, while some of you maybe seeking shelter in your adult fort.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde -- The Palmetto Peaches

Maybe it’s all in our minds, but here’s what I’m doing to get through the weird communication and technology struggle this year.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Take responsibility.

Please don’t play yourself by blaming your bad decision making on Mercury Retrograde. You did not spend your rent money on a new wardrobe because the planets and stars are out for a twirl. Keep in mind that although this phase lasts a few weeks–the decisions you make could last forever. FOR-EH-VAH.

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde -- The Palmetto Peaches

Change your perspective.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reflect. If you’re going to be stuck in your feelings for a while, you might as well try to make sense of it. A few months ago, I lost precious sleep over this thing called life. There’s an actual note in my iPhone which reads, “What am I doing?” Instead of thinking the universe is against me, I try to switch my attitude. Lately I’ve been saying yaaas to things I normally let anxiety control, and nah to things that didn’t sit well with me.

Write down your feelings and thoughts. 

Writing works for some, but maybe you’re the thinking out loud type. In that case, sitting down for a face-to-face conversation or a phone call might be your thang. If you have tendencies to overreact or overthink, putting it on paper is a good first step to clear your head. My journal has stopped me from saying PLENTY of stupid things. Trust me.

Don’t make any super serious life decisions.

…with lots of emphasis on “super serious”. This is where I went wrong in the past. For years I thought my birth day was jinxed. Now I blame Mercury, and 2016 was the first time I made the connection. Last year’s party was “a time” for lack of better words. I’m still too salty to share those series of unfortunate events publicly. Just believe me when I say that although I’ve had A LOT of great celebrations in my life–there are 28 years of awkward, sketchy and sad birthday stories to be told.


The world isn’t coming to an end (at least for now), but life maybe a little crazy during these times. Just grab your sage wand, meditation playlist and good vibes. You got this!

Have you ever felt the force of Mercury Retrograde? How did you survive?

Ace Siggy--The Palmetto Peaches