Let the Bubbles Melt Your Troubles: Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy

There are few things in life as luxurious as dipping your toes in clear hot water, allowing bubbles to lap over your legs and completely relax your muscles all while taking a deep breath in and then slowly releasing it.The stress of the day just melts away to nothing. It is the stuff that dreams are made of, but you can enjoy this type of deep relaxation and lavishness every day if you own a hot tub. We’re all about self-care and love offering new self-care ideas to our readers. Hot tubs have distinct relaxation benefits, but you might be surprised to learn about some of the other advantages of hot water therapy.Let the Bubbles Melt Your Troubles: Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Here are nine benefits to soaking in a hot tub:

Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy

Let the Bubbles Melt Your Troubles: Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com
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1)Stress Relief

Sitting still and allowing the jets and water to massage your body gently will help reduces stress and anxiety. The heat paired with the pulsating water positively affect the body and cause a release of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones which cause a positive reaction in the body – they are known for creating a feeling of euphoria. The endorphins and the added relaxation coupled together are an ideal form of stress relief.

2) Improved Movement

For those who struggle with arthritis and chronic pain, a hot tub is a relaxing way to start feeling relief. Hot water therapy coupled with cool water therapy is proven to help reduce arthritis and chronic pain and improve joint flexibility. According to WebMD, “heat dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, and reduces muscle spasms. In addition, heat alters the sensation of pain.”

3) Catch those Zzzzs

When your mind is racing, and your muscles are sore, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. A hot tub is a great option because soaking in a hot tub is proven to relax the body and the heat from a hot tub can induce sleepiness. When you end your day with a dip in a hot tub, you are likely to improve your quality of sleep, which makes for better nights and then even better mornings. Just be sure you do not catch any shut eye while you are still soaking in the hot tub.

Let the Bubbles Melt Your Troubles: Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

4) Lower Blood Sugar

The hot water from a hot tub can help lower blood sugar, which can be particularly useful for those battling diabetes. The water causes blood vessels to dilate, and it increases blood flow and helps with circulation. While there are many proven benefits to hot water therapy for those with high blood sugar, but be sure to consult with your doctor before using a hot tub in your diabetes management.

5) Lower Blood Pressure

Hot tubs can be an effective way to help lower blood pressure. The hot water and calming jets help relax the body and contribute to improving circulation. They also aid in removing lactic acid from muscles, which can cause muscle soreness. Slowly entering and exiting a hot tub is recommended and you should only remain in the hot water for ten-minute intervals.

6) Headache Relief

The improved circulation resulting from the hot water therapy can help reduce the frequency of migraines and tension headaches. For individuals looking for natural, home remedies for headache relief, hot tubs are a great alternative to medications.

7) Weight Loss

Taking a dip in a hot tub can simulate mild exercise. The temperature of the water can slightly increase the heart rate creating the effect of a very mild workout. Regular hot water therapy in conjunction with diet and exercise could even induce slight weight loss and improve overall health. Hello, summer body!

Let the Bubbles Melt Your Troubles: Hot Tubs and Hot Water Therapy - The Palmetto Peaches - palmsinatl.com

Source: Huffington Post

8) Beautiful Skin

The steam and hot water from a hot tub help to open up pores in the skin, allowing dirt to break free and preventing it from getting trapped and causing breakouts. Paired with a regimented skin care routine, your skin will reap the benefits of the hot water.  

9) Perfect for Every Season

One of the most notable benefits of a hot tub is that it is perfect year round. No matter the season you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance and added health benefits of hot water therapy. Whether it is snowing outside or a warm summer evening, a hot tub is always in season.

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